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    The #1 ranked Internet marketer in Central America is hands-down...Don Halbert. So when you want to get serious about your internet marketing - CALL DON TODAY!

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    Certified Inbound Marketing Professional Educator Don Halbert, provides 1 to 1 or group training courses to some of the most affluent and influential businesses in the international arena. For more information on training your staff on the proven methods of Inbound Marketing, contact Don NOW!

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    Copywriting is not to be mistaken for simple "ghost writing" - copywriting is what distinguishes you from your competitors and compels prospects to buy what you are selling. It's what converts!

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    A name you can trust since the mid 90s, Don Halbert packs a wealth of experience, the tools and the know-how to get YOUR web page ranking on Page 1 of Google. Don't sit back while your competitors suck your business dry of leads.

inbound marketing
"Pray I don't become your competitor's secret weapon."
- Don Halbert

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Inbound Marketing

lightbuld-iconHands down the most effective and sustainable form of Internet marketing - Inbound marketing encompasses all the ingredients required in order to succeed online.


notepad-iconThe power of words is not to be under estimated. Copywriters are born not created - Don Halbert has written some of the most lucrative sales letters for the most powerful organizations.

Web Design

wordpress-iconSpecializing in Wordpress web design. Utilizing our exclusive inbound marketing and SEO strategies, we succeed where others fail when it comes to web design.

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question-mark-iconWhether you'd like a FREE ESTIMATE or you are just wanting to "brainstorm" and throw ideas around...I'm always available and willing to chat. 24/7 client customer service.


Don's innovative approach to marketing, coupled with his years of experience make him the smart choice for anyone looking to improve their online marketing strategy. He is highly detailed, efficient and effective in his work and is a pleasure to deal with. He knows people, and he knows his business!
Patti Tallman, Project Manager, Lexicom
When you decide to get serious about your internet marketing, a wise choice for any business would be Don Halbert. His achievements for us have surpassed our expectations.
John Scheman, Clinica Biblica, Director of Development in Guanacaste
Don is a student of great copywriters, including his Uncle Gary Halbert. He’ll do a great job for you!
Dan Gallapoo aka Doberman Dan, Owner, Arango Direct
Words can not describe how pleased we are to be working with Don. His commitment to quality & standards, coupled with his dedication, put him above the rest!
Brett Elliott, CEO of Costa Rica Real Estate S.A.
Since working with Don Halbert we've seen tremendous improvements across all of our sites and we look forward to working with him as our brand continues to grow with his assistance.
Jim Damalas, President of Greentique Hotels
The inbound marketing strategy Don designed for us was not only extremely effective but has stood the test of time. Highly recommended for anyone looking for results driven Costa Rica marketing on any level.
Jerad Portner, CMO Sun Ranch Project, Guanacaste
Before hiring Don for SEO and marketing advice, we thought we were doing "ok" in that department - but what would happen after implementing a custom tailored inbound marketing strategy of Don's would forever change the way we look at lead acquisition.
Howard Brody, Author of Swimming With Piranha's
When I first met Don around this time last year in Costa Rica, I had no idea how much our working relationship would come to benefit my business. With the direction I've been taking my company in, tracking changes in SEO were simply no longer an option for me. With that being said, whenever I needed an expert insight into where SERP momentum was headed I'd turn to Don. Search engine optimization is a fast-paced, high-stakes game and quite a few people out there bill themselves as experts. Don on the other hand is too busy getting his clients results to be out trumpeting his talents.
John Breese, Marketing Consultant and Copywriter,

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