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Sony Ericsson, General Electric, Rogers Cantel & Triton are a few affluent corporations on a long list of clients who have chosen to work with the country's top marketing consultant, Don Halbert. Have you been looking high & low for a marketing agency who actually delivers on their promises?

Good news: you can stop looking. You've found him.

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Costa Rica's #1 Ranked Marketing Professional

Don HalbertIf the mere fact you've found yourself here on my website is any indication, this is not the first -- nor will it be the last -- online marketing pitch you'll read. Quite frankly, your education and entrepreneurial wisdom set you apart from the general public and make you a highly-rated prospect for everything from Costa Rica SEO to full-service marketing campaigns.

You've undoubtedly heard it all by now in the way of promises and grand claims of guaranteed ranking. I won't try to top any of them.

Nor will I insult your intelligence.

If you hire me for your online marketing efforts you won't get rich quick. You won't suddenly skyrocket to stardom. Nor will you appear on the cover of People Magazine: Person of the Year.

However should any of the above happen...well, you'll have your own native ability, charm and good luck to thank for it. Not me. But send me a signed copy anyways won't you?

What, then, can I do for you?

The answer depends upon the type of entrepreneur you happen to be. If you are the type of business owner who believes success comes swiftly and easily...if you are not the decision maker...if you are satisfied with the menial existence of running your business online while squatting on Page 3, 4 or even 10! Then forget about Don Halbert (these are not the droids you are looking for)...I can't do a thing for you.

If on the other hand, you are the sort of individual who would like to see their online business grow exponentially. The type of astute business owner who respects the value of organic traffic and being the "authority" within your sector. Or if you're the type who gets pumped up about record conversions, lower bounce rates and a fat bank account...

then hiring Don Halbert might be the smartest investment you could make in the coming weeks or months ahead.

For as little as $999/mth, as a client of mine your business will experience record growth in the following areas:

  1. Organic search volume
  2. Lower bounce rates
  3. Higher conversions
  4. Increased revenue
  5. Credibility, trust and authority

Every month you'll be briefed with the direction we are heading and how we are adapting to the constant changes in online marketing. You'll also get an in-depth report outlining your current search ranking data, analytical data from Google detailing real-time progress and even a minute by minute breakdown of where your money is going.

This way you are assured of an understanding of exactly where your money is being spent.

As I previously said, it is highly likely that you've talked with, hired and even fired so-called SEO professionals but at this point you probably just want to know WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?

First off...I'm not going to make some grand claim to shoot you to the #1 spot in Google - anyone who does should be avoided like the plague. Snake oil salesmen is what they are.

However here are a few accomplishments I've achieved for other clients...

  • Costa Rica real estate niche with over 65 million search results - took three...yes you read that right...three different web sites to the Top 10 of Google's coveted Page 1.
  • Played a pinnacle roll in achieving record conversions for the top vacation company in the country to the tuned of $1.2 million+ in sales PER WEEK! How? By holding 22 #1 spots in the search results for lucrative keywords.
  • #1 ranking for two top hotel markets in Costa Rica with incredibly competitive phrases with CPC (cost per click) values exceeding $3-$4.
  • Lead marketer for development company that, in two years, generated over $20 million in pre-sales from incorporating an inbound marketing strategy designed by yours truly.
  • Generated 459 leads from ONE EMAIL on a real estate product priced at $299,000 and higher.
  • Currently lead inbound marketing consultant for top international living brand EscapeArtist.

The bottom line is...can I produce results for you? That much I can guarantee.

When you work with me you get the straight goods. I won't "bend" my morality just to gain your business. If I have any doubt whatsoever about what you are selling...I simply will not take you on as a client. You see once you've achieved the level of success that I have in the marketing world, you have the freedom to pick and choose who you work with. Understand that it's not only YOUR REPUTATION that's on the line but mine also.

Sign up now and you'll receive a FREE EVALUATION of where your current efforts are and where I think we can benefit you by working together. Should I find myself busy at the time of your email, I promise that one of my assistants will contact you to take down the details on what you're looking to achieve and from there I will personally review your site and get back to you with my findings.

I am busy. I respect your time as well as my own. In the spirit of recognizing time is money...I would appreciate it if you could be prepared with all the details including your anticipated budget so that when we do talk, we can achieve what we need in the most effective efficient time possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Bar None Don Halbert is Costa Rica's Most

In-Demand Marketing Consultant...PERIOD!

Don't believe it? Listen to what these satisfied clients have to say...

When you decide to get serious about your internet marketing, a wise choice for any business would be Don Halbert. His achievements for us have surpassed our expectations.

John Scheman
Director of Development in Guanacaste for Clinica Biblica

Don is simply someone you can count on to get the job done right. Efficient, meticulous and exceeds expectation. Great communicator and wonderful to deal with.

Angela Farynnyk
Vancouver Office Manager, Plenary Group

Don has done some work for me that has produced results that have exceeded my expectations. This does not happen often in the SEO world.

Ed Sklar
Developer with Hacienda Matapalo

Don is first and foremost a social entrepreneur; a leader; and an excellent networker. He is an asset to any group or network.

Kelly Patterson
Multi-Media Communications Consultant, 501(c)communications

Since working with Don Halbert we've seen tremendous improvements across all of our sites and we look forward to working with him as our brand continues to grow with his assistance.

Jim Damalas
President of Greentique Hotels

Before hiring Don for SEO and marketing advice, we thought we were doing "ok" in that department - but what would happen after implementing a custom tailored inbound marketing strategy of Don's would forever change the way we look at lead acquisition.

Howard Brody
Author of Swimming With Piranha's

Words can not describe how pleased we are to be working with Don. His commitment to quality & standards, coupled with his dedication, put him above the rest!

Brett Elliott
Costa Rica Real Estate

Don is a student of great copywriters, including his Uncle Gary Halbert. He’ll do a great job for you!

Doberman Dan
Owner of Arango Direct

With the direction I've been taking my company in, tracking changes in SEO were simply no longer an option for me. That being said, whenever I need an expert insight into where SERP momentum was headed I'd turn to Don. Search engine optimization is a fast-paced, high-stakes game and quite a few people out there bill themselves as experts. Don on the other hand is too busy getting his clients results to be out trumpeting his talents.

John Breese
Marketing Consultant and Copywriter,

Don is probably one of the most acuminious individuals I have ever met. He is capable of the sort of insight into the workings of deals and people that I now wish I’d taken the time to learn more of while he was living in the same city as I. Also, Don has a certain sense of timing that is absolutely uncanny. Perhaps one day I’ll be lucky enough to work with him again.

Marc Tooley

Don's innovative approach to marketing, coupled with his years of experience make him the smart choice for anyone looking to improve their online marketing strategy. He is highly detailed, efficient and effective in his work and is a pleasure to deal with. He knows people, and he knows his business!

Patti Tallman

The inbound marketing strategy Don designed for us was not only extremely effective but has stood the test of time. Highly recommended for anyone looking for results driven Costa Rica marketing on any level.

Jerad Portner
Grupo Do It

...but there's one problem...YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!

Here's the thing, unfortunately along with being the top Costa Rica marketing professional comes the issue of availability. Don Halbert is but one man. At the moment Mr.Halbert's client list is full and he is unable to take on more clients at this time. But...there is good news.

His personal assistant and protege, Esteban Duran, is willing to respond to any questions you might have and will even add your name to our waiting list should a spot become available. You don't have to do anything other than provide us with your name and email below. That's it!

Big Plans? Big Project? Need Help?

As we complete projects, we are continuously circulating through our waiting list of potential clients. If you are looking to increase revenues and blow your competitors out of the water…then this is your chance. Get on-board today with the #1 ranked marketing consultant in the country.

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