These are my 10 reasons why I feel that Linkedin is better than both Facebook and Twitter…COMBINED!

Of the vast expanse we call the “social web”, it’s sometimes difficult to pick a favorite. Not only that but how hard is it to even get your feet wet in the hundreds upon hundreds of different social sites out there? Not sure about you but I’ve got better things to do than hang out on social bookmarking sites all day long.

What makes Linkedin any different than the time sucking vampire addiction that is Facebook and Twitter? Money.

Plain and simple. Linkedin is all about the green.

Before I give them all away prematurely…I’m going to give them to you right now and explain later. Ok? Lets go.

  • Business Trumps pleasure any day.
  • Highly targeted
  • Highly marketable
  • Rub shoulders with the rich & famous
  • Influential and profitable
  • SEO-friendly
  • Tighter restrictions for making “connections”
  • Like attracts Like
  • Brand-able
  • Puts you/your company front row

Ok some of these need explaining but I feel maybe its best if I just write a quick summary in order to not ramble.

I started this by talking about the mighty buck so it would only be fitting if I expanded on that.

Facebook and Twitter are the quint essential “social sites” we think of when we hear the term social. They are great for networking in a casual manner. But casual doesn’t pay the bills nor does it keep you warm at night. Unless of course you are in a “certain” profession where keeping people warm is in your job description. Otherwise Facebook and Twitter serve their purposes well…just not for what we are focused on. Leads.

Remember GlenGarry Glen Ross? A.B.C. – Always – Be – Closing. Well…without the leads how can one close?

What Linkedin does is quite unique and ingenious at the same time. Linkedin brings together like-minded people inside of a smart and intuitive platform that promotes and encourages…MONEY.

From inception, Linkedin has always been about business. Actually it was Linkedin that said to Twitter one day…hey Twit…it’s nothing personal – it’s just business.

I feel quite strongly about Linkedin and its potential to help lift people back to their feet and get out and start making some real cash. And if you’re on Linkedin and not utilizing it to its fullest…then you really need your head examined because you’re throwing away opportunity at every click of that mouse.

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