I get emails all the time asking me how to increase the social activity of their sites and blogs – in this post I will provide 3 quick and simple tips on how to put your web page on track to being more “sociable”.

Before I begin though I’d like to lay out a few observations I’ve made over the years on the different social networks out there. With new social networks popping up faster than Angelina Jolie can adopt…it can be tough to keep tabs on them all — so I’ve laid it out in a way for you to easily remember (and laugh).
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[message type=”simple”]Twitter:

Despite being a hyper-active social network with more daily activity per user than any other, Twitter remains a more “juvenile” network. And I mean that in the most polite way (please club me like a baby seal Twitter!). The fact is…Twitter is overrun with marketers peddling everything from LED shoes laces to Justin Beeber sweat droplets. This place is a regular carnival of venders and bots alike. But if that’s your cup of tea…[/message]

[message type=”simple”]Facebook:

The Mac-Daddy of social networks. The one that buried mySpace overnight. This is one powerful network to promote your web site on. Admittedly I’m a little ignorant when it comes to Facebook. I mean I know how to use it quite fluently but…I still only use FB for actual “friends”. I know eh…sometimes I shock myself on that one too.[/message]

[message type=”simple”]Linkedin:

Now here’s a house favorite – Linkedin is the “professionals” social network. This can be a great medium to market your product/service to considering that the average income level for a Linkedin user is higher than that of both Facebook and Twitter combined…by 3X. Lately Linkedin has evolved quite rapidly after their initial IPO status and is now a contender with the big boys while remaining…professional about the whole thing. 😉[/message]

So how can you make your blog more social? Let me explain…[like-lock]

[custom_list style=”list-4″]

  • Any blog that’s talked about and shared has to start with quality content. Why else would anyone want to “share” your blog? There are no exceptions to this rule. But where can you find “buzz subjects” to talk about? I often find my lead-in subjects from rag mags like Us Weekly or whatever other headlines seem to be attracting attention online in the moment. One useful tip here would be to subscribe to Google Alerts and enter your target niche keyword and whenever any content relating to that word is posted, Google will notify you. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on competitors.
  • Tell the world! Once you’ve written killer catchy and engaging content — time to tell the search engines you’ve got something they need to come and check out. Indexing of content is often an overlooked feature of WP. The following list is what I have in every WP blog I admin. Post these in the Settings/Writing/Update Services section in your WP Admin. [DOWNLOAD HERE]
  • Let’s face it, people are lazy. Make your blog/site easy to share by installing the necessary plugins to make social sharing effortless. For WordPress blogs a few of my favorites are Sexy Bookmarks, ShareThis, AddThis and Sharebar. On a side note – there are endless numbers of social sharing sites – use your best judgement which ones your visitors are likely to use and gun the excess. It can get a bit messy when you have 50+ site options to share to.

*also register your site with the blogsphere mega-site Technorati – you’ll be glad you did!

There are a few stand outs that, in my opinion, out perform others with regards to the possibility of going viral. It has been my experience that Reddit, Stumbleupon, Linkedin and Facebook are the best ones to get an initial swarm of traffic to your site.

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