Wordpress and Costa Rica SEO

Word! If you follow my ramblings, even in the slightest,  you will know that over the past 8 months or so, I’ve taken quite the fond liking to WordPress for my sites CMS. As a former Joomla! fanatic, switching to WP was a big step. None the less I made it and with surprising ease. However, what you may not have know is why?


Here are my Top 5 reasons why I think you should make the switch to WordPress.


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  • Plays well with Google. Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress plays well with the search engine God’s. So have faith and make the leap.
  • Ease of Use. WordPress is so simple that after a few short hours…anyone can be a ‘webmaster’.
  • Community Support. Sure there are others with large communities but none are quite like the WP one. With a constantly maintained and updated repository, you can bet it that whatever you are looking to do with your site…it’s been done and is downloadable via this repository of plugins and widgets.
  • Un-freak-ing-believable SEO support! No other CMS software touches WP for SEO compatibility. Sure you have to install a few plugins but not much. Right out of the box WordPress is an SEO champion.
  • Highly Social. WordPress is “plugged in” to the social web unlike any other CMS platform. You can post on other blogs using your WP account and of course you have all the necessary sharing abilities you could ever want for sharing anything your heart desires, over the social network.


Now given that I am an experienced webmaster and SEO, I have my own – more advanced – means for which I choose WordPress. This list is more directed at someone sitting on the fence to make the move or not and also possibly for a corporation considering a site redesign to improve their online presence.

I can not emphasis enough how SEO-Friendly WordPress is. This thing is an SEO monster. Whether its URL structure, sitemap integration, robots.txt files or .htaccess files…Wordpress makes it all seamless. And making my Costa Rica SEO job a lot easier.


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