A Great Discovery Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

After patiently waiting a few weeks since being first alerted there was a pending announcement coming from friend, Jean-Pierre Houdin, accredited with the ‘inside ramp theory’ aired on National Geographic, I was naturally enthusiastic.

So it was today, January 27th when Jean-Pierre would make his big announcement.

2chambers 300x168 A Great Discovery Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Jean-Pierre Houdin rendition of the 2 new chambers

After reaching Jean-Pierre on Facebook (McLovin the social web right now!) I then proceeded to take the opportunity to do an interview of sorts to find out the details on what the discovery is.

After initially providing me with a diagram in 3D of the Khufu Pyramid, I missed it completely. How embarrassing to be honest. Oh well I’m busy with so much right now a stampede of elephants could march through behind me and I wouldn’t notice a thing.

In any event, what Jean-Pierre has come up with is nothing short of one of the greatest discoveries in Ancient Egypt. He’s discovered two additional chambers, or ‘anti-chambers’ as he put, inside of the Great Pyramid next to the King’s chamber. This unto it’s own is a miraculous discovery yet in true Jean-Pierre Houdin fashion, he didn’t stop there.

Claiming to have insurrmountable evidence to support this claim, Jean-Pierre also claims to have discovered the true purpose of the relieving chamber. Purportedly the relieving chambers were used to alleviate the pressure from the two anti-chambers and not in fact for the King’s chamber itself.

Jean-Pierre will be providing me with more details over the coming days and with any luck I might even get the chance to write the official press release in English on this amazing discovery.

“This is true funerary architecture from the 4th Dynasty.”

- Jean-Pierre Houdin, January, 27th, 2011

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