What’s SEO?

standout ABOUT the BIZIt is believed that SEO truly began in the mid-90′s when search engines began their cataloging of the WWW. People quickly realized that if your company was at the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages) then business was GOOOOOOOOD! Then along came search engine algorithm chasing. At first the SEOs were successful in decoding much of what the search engines were doing and this created result pages full of SE SPAM (search engine SPAM).

A game of cat and mouse commenced and the chase was on.

Despite what many believe, it is in my opinion, that over the lifespan of SEO, the game has not changed very much and at it’s very core, lies the same advice we started with.

  • Make pages accessible
  • Target with keywords that searchers employ
  • Build content that users will find useful and valuable
  • Earn editorial links from good sources

Slowly but surely, Google became the dominant search engine and the one to beat for SEOs.

Maybe this would be a good time to define the difference (in my opinion) between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing).

It’s bad enough that many WWW terms are considered ‘new’ to most dictionaries/vocabularies, and this contributes to a dilution of such similar terms.  SEO should be considered a more focused sub-category under the umbrella of the broad term of SEM. However, SEO is an absolute necessity of any SEM strategy and additionally, it’s actually the starting point.

A few of the different aspects to make up SEM are:

  1. Paid inclusion (paid directory listing)
  2. PPC campaigns (pay per click)
  3. Sponsored Ads

A few of the different aspects to make up SEO are:

  1. Keyword placement
  2. Content creation
  3. HTML optimization (onsite & offsite)

My specialty lies pretty exclusively to the Costa Rica SEO field and my marketing network has been constructed to support this. With such a finely honed focal point, the statistical evidence in support of my ability is overwhelming. IE: Costa Rica Property Site

Costa Rica SEO

With CRPS, I created, from scratch, a Costa Rica real estate web site in September 2009. Realizing I was up against a massive hurdle by attempting to break in to an extremely competitive market, I forged ahead. Any SEO will tell you how difficult it can be to perform search engine marketing for real estate sites. Reality is…many won’t take jobs of this type on.

Well under the one year mark, CRPS sits quite comfortably in the top results of Page 1 in Google and often #1 in Yahoo! It is virtually impossible for one to search the web for “Costa Rica property” and not come across this site. This is also a great example of bringing your business to the client rather than sitting back and ‘expecting’ them to find you.

We’ve all heard the saying in retail sales, “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION“. In online business, your position in Google IS YOUR LOCATION! So choosing to ignore this will set you well on your way to online failure.

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