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don halbert Don Who?Don Halbert is my name and please…go ahead and wear it out.

I am a man of strict integrity and bond. Growing up in a small town in northern British Columbia, I learned early on in life that if I wanted something bad enough I would have to dig in and do what was necessary to make it reality. In other words, I learned to work hard and take pride in my accomplishments.

I first began with computers at the age of 8 when my grandfather bought our family an Apple clone called the Apco. It wasn’t long before I was ripping them apart and burning EEPROMs for the hell of it. The complete story detailing my youth with computers can be found in the article I wrote labeled, “Growing Up Mac“.

As I grew in to my teens I took a hiatus from my life with computers despite a clear talent for understanding them. I would later return to my true calling and it would forever change my life from that day forward.

As a hacker growing up, I yearned to understand how different things would operate – whether it was a vacuum, toaster or an AtariST 512…I needed to know how things worked. This “hacker mentality” would lead me to the digital satellite industry.

Sometime in late 1993, I would purchase my first RCA 18″ DSS system. It wasn’t cheap – around $5000 given that they were not permitted to be sold in Canada and therefore were neither illegal nor legal…a grey market if you will.

Shortly thereafter I would become connected with fellow enthusiasts and even the original developers of the methods to circumvent the encryption to permit viewing of all channels. Again…if you can’t legally buy it then how can you steal it? Simple. You can’t.

Fast-forward to 1999 and I would end up producing the most revolutionary, best-selling decryption programming device the world has ever seen.

What I did was nothing short of extraordinary. I would design a device, tool the device, engineer the software for the device and then bring the device to market and in the end…control over 80% of the industry.

Impressed? Maybe you’re not but CNN was – in 2000, CNN would run a story on my work during the most coveted television spot in American history…THE SUPERBOWL!

Why you ask? Well let’s just say that in order to keep up with the volume of traffic I was generating, I was forced to install an T3 connection in my shoebox sized office at a rate of a mere $14,000 a month!

Using Internet marketing methods devise exclusive by…YOUR’S TRULY…I was able to generate over 13 million UNIQUE VISITORS per month to my site.

Having learned the skills of Internet marketing when it was in it’s infancy, I’ve since honed those skills today, to become one of the most qualified and intuitive Internet marketers alive today. It’s true…I don’t have any formal education or advanced degrees…then again I look at it like this…

In company with the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Steven Spielberg, I too do not possess any formal business degrees.

talking desk1 Don Who?My clients and colleagues are often academically endowed with advanced degrees like MBAs, CPAs, BSc, PHds and everything in between. It’s worth noting that while they were getting degrees and certificates, I was getting my teeth kicked in by my competitors and learning the hard way.

Years of experience later, my teeth are fixed and it’s time for my colleagues to source a good dentist.

So as you’ve probably gathered by now, I pack the punch of real world experiences rather than classroom theory.

That being said however, I am the first, and only, Certified Inbound Marketing Professional Educator in Central America. This relatively new form of Internet marketing is proving to be the most effective lead generation system to date.

In 2005, after recovery from a bout with blindness (side effect of diabetes), I began to see the world in a different light – things that once were so important to me didn’t matter all that much anymore. I needed a lifestyle change.

And what a lifestyle change it would be…

October of 2005 I would find myself selling everything and packing up what’s left and moving to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is home to “pura vida” – the pure life – where life is still relatively simple and care-free.

It is from here that I am able to service my clients from all over the world. I have strategized and designed some of the finest Internet marketing strategies for companies from Holland to Australia, back to Costa Rica and clear across Canada and the USA.

I am a fortunate individual who wakes up every single morning with gratitude that I can work without borders – from any where – for anyone!

So whether you are a multi-national conglomerate or a start-up Mom & Pop operation, I specialize in designing world class inbound marketing strategies to fit every budget.

Just because my site is filled with words like Costa Rica marketing and Costa Rica SEO – this does not mean that I am geo-targeted to companies only within Costa Rica. Quite the contrary actually. Most of my clients come from countries other than Costa Rica.

However the reality is that I currently own/operate one of the largest English language network of  sites targeted within Costa Rica. As a matter of fact I operate one of the largest online English Costa Rica news papers.

hard cover2 Don Who?Costa Rica News Site offers current news and events relating to Costa Rica and provides a one stop source for news about Costa Rica to expats and English speaking Costa Ricans alike. How popular is it? Well the first week of January saw over 800,000 unique visits. That’s pretty substantial to say the least. Not to mention the site is ranked at just above 200,000 for Alexa Rank which is a gauge of estimated traffic to a site (lower the number the better).

I’ve also just completed my book labeled, “Become a Linkedin Lion Today“. The book offers some of the most coveted secrets people use to dominate the #1 most under-rated social network, Linkedin. If you are a user of Linkedin I would highly recommend you get a look at this book and take your Linkedin experience to the next level.

My skill-set is quite vast and the best way…rather than listing them all here…is to simply refer to my section of this site called “Clients and References” whereas you can then see for yourself how my past and present clients feel about the quality of my work. After all there is no better form of advertising than testimonials from influential and successful business people.

I am currently  a contributing writer for The SOP, Newsblaze (International News Affiliate), EZine Articles Expert Author, Senior Editor of Costa Rica News Site and guest blog on many industry leader SEO and Internet marketing blogs. My work has been seen in MSNBC, CBS Moneywatch, New York Times Online Edition and Forbes to name a few.

As a highly skilled copywriter who is capable of writing world-class ad copy for online and offline mediums, my work has generated millions of dollars in revenue for my clients and myself alike.  In fact, back in the mid-90s I was infusing SEO in to my online ad copy on websites for what would later be dubbed…SEO copywriting.

Having the skill-set I possess, this bodes well for my clients who are looking for that one-stop solution to all their Internet marketing needs whether it’s web design, graphic design, SEO, copywriting or designing exclusive inbound marketing strategies…I am certain I can increase your bottom line substantially.

Interested in hiring me? If so then let’s get started now…CONTACT DON TODAY!
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Don G. Halbert - MCSE & Online Marketing Guru
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