Let’s get right to it shall we…

Born and raised in Prince George, BC in Canada’s north. Started my first business at the age of twelve programming database POS setups for a local airline. By fourteen I’d successfully earned a small business grant from the government and setup my first custom programming and consultation company.

In 1997 I moved to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. Two years later I would start Triton Systems – a digital technology company. By 2000, and in under one year, I would take a $1500 startup electronic company to a value of over $3 million and be featured on CNN during Superbowl Weekend. Oh…and a flattering interview in Wired Magazine.

don-skylerLike any good investor I would sell the company while the stock/interest was high. Then I went blind…

Living as a Type I diabetic my life and being from a small town in northern Canada, really didn’t agree with me. Not to mention the doctors telling me I had five years to enjoy my youth before I’d have to settle down and get serious. Ya…too bad they didn’t define “enjoy my youth”.

After two or three years of battling for my vision I’d come out the other side with my eyesight — at least enough to see the computer screen.

Decided to move to Costa Rica in 2005 with my then Canadian wife. 2006 we separated and in 2007 she would come to the conclusion it was a good idea to defraud me of my home and property. Then…she died.

Since I’ve remarried to a Costa Rican woman with whom I’ve had a son – Skyler – who is the driving force behind everything I do.

Now you might think…WOW…that’s a lot going on this guy must be a nutbar. I mean I wouldn’t blame you if you did. But you’d be wrong.

I’m a results driven individual who has made millions doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing. Not a day goes by where I wake up and go to work. I don’t work. I do what comes natural to me and if that’s being a bloody rockstar then so-b-it.

When I sink my teeth in to a particular project I won’t give up under any circumstances. I’ve been described as extremely resilient and like a dog with a bone. As a result of this passion I’ve accumulated some of the country’s highest esteemed web addresses including costaricarealestate.com and costaricavacations.com. Not to mention the other 200 domains under my belt.

seriousleeI wrote the book on Costa Rica. Literally. Look it up. Better yet if you’re interested then head over here and get yourself a copy.

2015 saw me rated the highest earning SEO consultant in the world with two corporate speaking engagements totaling over $25,000 for 2 days work. But actually I’m not an SEO. I’m what is called a “technical SEO”. Big difference. Go ahead…look it up.

You might think I make this shit up and you’re entitled to believe whatever you want. Any time you want to verify it all…I’ll be here waiting.

Until then…my name is Don Halbert and I’m the “modest marketer”. The most outspoken foreigner living in Costa Rica. Well maybe the second most cause my friend Scott Oliver is pretty darn opinionated also.