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Putting all BS aside…I realize that the better part of marketing IS BS and that learning the gift of the gab is of the utmost importance. However, that aside I’d like to open up a can of worms here for a moment.

Remember what your parents likely told you growing up? You get what you pay for.

If you expect to move mountains – you will pay for it – if you expect to be a contender – you will pay for it. One way or another we always pay for our achievements. The days of the quick buck are gone Gweedo. These days if you expect results then you best be prepared to pay for them.

What am I referring to? Well without name dropping let’s just say [like-lock]that when the average SEO for any competitive market runs in the thousands, if someone says they can do the same for under $100…you best rethink that decision before putting the reputation of your business on the line. Because reality will tell you that whomever is running your SEO and online marketing strategies – can make or break your online reputation and credibility in one foul swoop. Essentially, if they mess up and you end up in the ‘sandbox’ of Google…well then how far do you think you’ll get going back to your SEO guy when you’ve been paying him less than $100 a month?

The point here is that cheaper is NEVER the way to determine your SEO strategy. If that is your only consideration then why bother? Or better yet…go all the way and visit Fiverr and pay someone $5 out of India to do it. I mean I can go anywhere on the streets of San Jose and find an “iPhone 4” for $100. Made in China of course and possibly the buttons might fall off the moment you try to call someone, but hey…IT’S AN iPHONE RIGHT?

Walks like a duck. Sounds like a duck. Guess what? ITS A FREAKIN DUCK!!!

PS: some parting tips for you to learn:

Next time you read that your possible SEO candidate is ranking strongly for such and such competitive market…do you own research and see how well that statement stands after you’ve discovered that the so-called “highly competitive” keyword is nothing but a big fat ZERO on the global or locals searches per month. You can verify and see for yourself by visiting the Google Keyword Tool. In there you can type the keyword phrase without any URL and Google will come back with the competitiveness and volume of global monthly and local searches. And remember what I said before…chances are its a lot of fluff and the so-called “competitive” market they are ranking for is nothing but a big fat nothing. [/like-lock]


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