Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

But seriously, when it comes to inbound marketing are you ambidextrous? If not, you really should be.

In the world of inbound marketing, we must think outside the box and conceive a variety of different avenues for which we can attract traffic to guide through the lead flow funnel.

Trouble is, many inexperienced inbound marketers still believe it’s all about the content, nothing but the content and ever only will be about the content.

And to a certain extent, content plays a substantial role however we can’t ignore the other elements that make up an optimum inbound marketing strategy.

Things like onpage SEO — while content is crucial, so is the injection of SEO in order to fully exploit the benefits of any good content that may be flowing traffic to you.

inbound marketingBefore I forget though, it is important to understand that inbound marketing utilizes different elements in different ways at different times. For example — if you write a guest blog post that is designed to flow traffic to a specific squeeze page — you would be better off including a little onpage SEO in order to reap the rewards of any authority the host blog might have. On the other hand, should you write a PR announcing a recent acquisition or W.H.Y. and you round out the PR with the usual…”For more information on XYZ then visit them at ((insert link to squeeze page here)). Then it’s not necessary to incorporate any SEO copy in to your content.

So in some respects there is a time and place to write for both the reader and the search engines but on the other side there are also times when it’s ONLY for the reader with the objective of getting them to the squeeze page where the true magic happens.

Another good example of “switching it up” a bit is when it comes to understanding the difference between content writers and copywriters.

Let’s face it, we all know that anyone can hire a writer to bang out a 500-1000 word article for us for $5 right? Well…if that’s the case then it’s highly probable that we also understand the quality won’t be something to write home about (no pun intended).

You see, when we hire these guys on Fiverr or Elance etc. we have to be clear what we are going to get for our measly $5 bucks. In my experiences to date I find that I get an article that’s useful as a blog post (on a blog I’m trying to rank) or to spin and send out via AMR or UAW. But I certainly wouldn’t want my own name associated with something that has a grammar rating of about +/- 65%.

These are article writers. And a copywriter is on an altogether different level than those guys and here’s why.

A copywriter is someone who is capable of writing material designed specifically to induce a sale or conversion. I say this like it’s two separate things because…well they are. A conversion could mean the submission of the punters name and email or, on the other hand it could mean a sales letter to influence the reader to buy a particular product or service.

We are the ones that sell!

Keep that in mind next time you put together your inbound marketing strategy — don’t hire a custodian to sell your 100k BMWs.

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