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There is no place for incompetence in business

meanwhile some are actually functioning incompetents

Interesting day today… Started actually Friday around 1pm when I’d realized that if I have an issue that needs resolving over at Vertical Response then I’d better get in early on Friday to avoid going the entire weekend without answer. Yup. They love their weekends

Top 5 Stupid Questions Asked By Gringos About Costa Rica

Been here for awhile now...still never get use to the dumb questions.

Having lived here now for almost 11 years, I’ve heard my fair share of really stupid questions. And I’m talking about the ones that make you take a double-take. Come again? Coming in at the fifth spot is the classic, “how big is the island

Telling It Like It Is Since 1971

Well not entirely accurate as I’m sure I was not speaking until at least 2 years but hey…

Well not entirely accurate as I’m sure I was not speaking until at least 2 years but hey…you get the point. Firstly I want to again apologize for the heavy delays in my blog posts its just been overwhelmingly busy lately with my world domination

While in other news…

So yeah…it’s been quite awhile since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been a very busy bee.

So yeah…it’s been quite awhile since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been a very busy bee. The universe has been very generous to me lately and for that I have all the appreciate one can imagine. While it is true that things

Even A Blind Squirrel Trips Over A Nut From Time to Time

When it comes to lead acquisition - why leave it to chance?

When it comes to lead acquisition – why leave it to chance? Almost on a daily basis I have to explain to my prospective clients the importance of distinguishing between garbage traffic and quality conditioned traffic. Not to mentioned the contrasting bi-products they produce through

He was a quiet fellow…

Don’t those words ring in our heads while we associate them with people that… a.) either set out on some rampage of death and destruction or b.) disappear without a trace You see here’s the thing… In today’s tough “SERPs climate” (bet ya thought I

Why Are You Reading This?

y guess tells me you’re likely a business owner – possibly from Costa Rica. Maybe you are curious…curious about who Don Halbert is and why you are constantly seeing the name pop-up everywhere you go on the Internet. Then again it’s also possible you are

How I Convinced Google To Remove Manual Review Penalty

So it’s likely that you are here because a few months back you received a message in your GWT stating the following… Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to Dear site owner or webmaster of, We’ve detected that some

SEO: The 3 Ring Circus

Years ago when I was involved in the digital satellite industry (see here), I unintentionally became involved in what would later prove to be…a 3-ring circus. Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for me to retain a steady 3-4 full on stalkers. These people are real

Negative SEO: Fact Or Fiction?

Have you noticed lately that with every update to Google’s algorithm we are seeing the SEO playing field thin ever so slightly? With the amount of SEO hacks out there, it’s not all that surprising to see so many of them confused and bewildered over

The Power of the Testimonial

These days businesses look under every nook and cranny for that little edge that gives them the advantage but most importantly helps increase conversions. As a professional copywriter, I have the responsibility to my clients to understand the psychology behind what influences people to buy.

What Makes Orange The Color of Choice?

Maybe you’ve noticed that many web sites and advertising mediums are shifting to the color orange — ever wonder why? increased financial difficulties In marketing, the “little guys” (I include myself in this category) we have to look to the big players – industry leaders

Don’t Take No For An Answer

I had an interesting day today, some might believe it was a complete waste of five hours of my time – however I try to see the positive in everything. I set out on a quick trip to go buy a micro Sim card prepaid

First Blogpost Using My New iPad

Well the day has finally come, I am writing this blog post using dictate on my brand-new 32 gig 4G iPad. This is my first iPad and so far I think it’s really fantastic. I never imagined simply dictating what I want my blog post

Millionaire Gypsies

Ever wonder how these ‘young punks’ always manage to travel around and see the world while returning to their oceanfront mansions, exotic sports cars and general overall lap of luxury lifestyles? Not me. I was one. I remember when I was enjoying the sun and

Are You A Switch Hitter?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that… But seriously, when it comes to inbound marketing are you ambidextrous? If not, you really should be. In the world of inbound marketing, we must think outside the box and conceive a variety of different avenues for which

Costa Rica Is Like The Bermuda Triangle For Online Business

Businesses continue to disregard the importance of Internet marketing in Costa Rica. For this reason, there is a constant turnover. The biggest culprits are the Costa Rica real estate developers or the tourism hospitality sectors. Businesses just open up…then disappear without a trace. Nobody ever

SEO – You Want It When?

We can probably all agree — these days with the Internet at the top of most of our lives, people want everything in record time. Facebook, Twitter and the mis-mash of other popular social networking sites, make retrieving information incredibly quick. When we want something

Pinterest: How To Visualize Your Traffic?

Pinterest is the latest in the social media network arena and is growing at 4000%. But what is it good for and how can you apply it to your business? Let me first explain that, until today…actually about 5 minutes ago…I was a little confused

Epic Twitter FAIL By McDonalds

One would think that by now, corporate America would understand that some things are best left to the professionals including social media marketing. Today saw mega fast-food giant McDonald’s, suffer the wrath of their first experiment with using #hashtags on Twitter. Initially the mega corp

The Hacker Gets Hacked!

My bad. Yes, it’s true…the other day I found myself hacked by my own stupid neglect. Usually when I’ve made a boo-boo I will be the first to admit it – I’ve made a few of them. The other day around 3:30am while wrapping up

Why Is Coaster Rico Real Estates So Gooder?

With the rise of communism in Kanada and the You-Nited States people are discovering how-to get CoasterRico real property value is. Did you understand that? Me either. You see here in lies a fundamental problem with Costa Rica SEO “specialists” who, by day can be

Is SEO Dead?

Although it is a valid question considering the incredible speed at which things are changing on the Internet, the truth of the matter is, SEO is not dead nor is it dying. SEO is in a perpetual state of transition. Let’s take a look at

Cyber Stalkers: What Are They Good For?

Not much. Plain and simple. Since my time in the digital satellite world, I’ve had to deal with jealous, infantile cyber stalkers that have absolutely nothing better to do than prey upon people that make them feel inferior. In fact, during the year 2000, I

Will 2012 Be The Year of the SEO?

With 2012 right around the corner, there has been increased attention towards the ‘real world value’ of quality SEO. The thought of calculating the ROI of SEO will make search optimization specialists quiver and CEOs trigger happy looking to drop the hammer for their own

5 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Type into Google the keyword phrase “Social Media Marketing”) and you’ll see upwards of 1,170,000,000 (that’s 1.7BILLION) articles on the topic. We debate it; we slice it and dice it and we look for ‘tips and tricks’ on how to get better at it. Sometimes,

How To Increase Your Klout Score

I have received a number of requests on how I managed to take my Klout score from 39 to a whopping 72 in less than a week. Here’s how I did it. First off, you’re going to need a base network of approximately 1000 or


If you ever felt like you can’t do it…you can’t continue…watch this video. It might just inspire you to continue until YOU CAN! example not using

10 Most Memorable Success Quotes

By now, most of my readers most likely have learned how much I like intelligent quotes and sayings. After all, the number one most visited page on this entire site was my post titled, “10 Things You Should Have Learned by Now“. That being said

Google Updates Pagerank

Today we saw Google update the Page Rank of web sites. It was interesting to see considering normally after an update (IE: Google Fresh) they will wait a few weeks before rolling out a PR update. Not this time. After checking across my network I’ve

Freshen Up With Google Fresh

Some of you may or may not know, that on this past Thursday, Google updated their algorithm. And like always…this one has a call sign – dubbed The Google Fresh Update, this algo change is apparently targeted at…you guessed it…fresh content. Google claims the update

Michele Bachmann: Oh No She Didn’t

Last night while channel surfing – during one of my rare instances in front of the tube – I came across the Las Vegas Republican debate. Oh boy…what a gong show this was going to be. So I made some popcorn, poured myself a drink