I feel sometimes like I’ve just re-entered my school years…not that it was ions ago or anything.

In any event, things are really interesting these days. I’ve dove head first in to jam session after jam session on renewing my SEO strategies in order to tweak them beyond my competitors. You see there is a vast difference between “saying” you are an expert in the field…and actually BEING the expert. When I approach any given job I typically like to cut to the chase and just get my hands dirty. I mean why beat around the bush and dance the waltz while smoozing one another when in reality…the proof is in the pudding!

Time and time again I’ve proven my worth in that I have taken on every project I’ve ever done with the utmost dedication and determination to succeed. This shows.

It shows in the rankings.

However these days I’m finding myself reinventing my Costa Rica SEO strategies in order to remain at the top of the pack in this regard. I feel I owe this to my clients. I need to be the best and remain that way. I’ve taken on a protege and will be taking on another one (more personal) in order to pass this wealth of information I’ve attained over the years with respect to online marketing. Unfortunately the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Best to prepare!

Not that I plan on going anywhere soon its just something I feel I need to do.

The good part of all this is that I’ve really learned a lot and in the process I feel I’ve come up with some innovative Costa Rica SEO techniques that are sure to crush the competitors. Its like a game of chess…kill or be killed.



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