Never before in my life have I had such balance.

I love my work. I work insanely hard, long hours. I’ve been missing a counter-weight to this.


On April 28th of 2009 my life forever changed. It was the day Skyler David Halbert entered this world. He is the balance I’ve so desperately needed all this time.

In a world chalk full of craziness, I can always stand back for a moment, hold my son in my arms and look in to his eyes and find myself instantly grounded. He is the glue that keeps me together. For this reason I would stand in front of a bus if it meant protecting my son. So should his safety or well-being ever be at risk…you can bet your last penny that I’m gonna protect him the best I possibly can.

Through the years my life has changed considerably and as such, so have my beliefs and how I see the world. Sure there are a lot of monstrous people in the world but in the end they all have something to teach us. This I know.

So as I grow…I learn. And as I learn…I teach. My mistakes. My accomplishments. Even what I’ve learned from the negative people who have come and gone from my life. All will help me raise my son to be the best little man a father could ever hope for.


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