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I’m Rick James bitch! (refer to video below)

Trouble is, when it comes to the online world you’re nothing – at least not without a good inbound marketing campaign.

I’ve seen it all throughout my years of marketing over the Internet and it is a reoccurring phenomena that some people believe because of the domain they may own…that Google is somehow obligated to hand them top ranking. WRONG!

These days it’s hard to keep up to all the algorithm updates coming from the Google zoo – Panda, Penguin and even a little something called the EMD update. The latter is the one you’ll want to know more about.

EMD is an acronym for “Exact Match Domain” – starting to get the picture?

With the EMD update, Google began targeting exact match domains with little or no value in the sense of content. There are a number of different ways for Google to determine the authority of a site (one of them being social signals) however this goes beyond the scope of this article. The long and short of it is…

be the brandIn the not to distant past of search optimization, EMDs were, in many cases, all you needed to control a niche up to medium competitiveness. However with the ever evolving state of Google search, we find that within many competitive niches, the EMD is nowhere near the top 3 in the SERPs. In fact, it’s almost as though Google places MORE authority on domains/sites without the money phrase even in the root URL.

What this has done is essentially alleviated the advantage of EMDs over their competitors and opened the door for anyone to compete in whichever niche despite not owning an EMD. However there is a big pink elephant in the room here…

Brands. Google has repeatedly stated they do not play favorites with big brands – those of us who get paid to monitor the SERPs know otherwise.

Amongst SEO specialists the world over, there is an unspoken acceptance that Google lays heavy preference on big brands like Amazon and Trip Advisor to name a few. It is a fact I’ve recently noticed that in a few of my niche markets, I no longer am competing against local competitors but instead I have to worry about a constant game of leap frog with the mighty Trip Advisor. And you’ve just got to know that TA doesn’t have a team of 100 SEO specialists targeting these obscure phrases all over the world. They just seem to rank for them based solely on their authority alone. Case in point with whereas almost weekly I’m watching TA leap frog over us for a week or so then us doing the same and the game goes on like that. That is but one example – there are many more.

So why is it that authority commercial sites are given such powerful positions in the SERPs and EMDs and even lesser authoritative sites…given the bump?

Clearly it’s a case of favoring the brand.

In case you’ve not gotten where I’m going with all this, it kind of goes like this (in a nutshell)…

Think Like A Brand – Act Like A Brand – Be The Brand!

…and with that you will dominate your niche within the SERPs and over the entire online spectrum.


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