People all over the world are talking. Their voices are in perpetual motion of unimaginable levels. The conduit of this chatterbox of activity is called the social web.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and hundreds more, all vying for your attention and contribution to the big conversation.

Immersion is not necessary however participation is crucial. Without any participation throughout the social web how can you expect to be part of the conversation?

The social web is full of cliques. More often we are seeing ‘membership sites’ like Triberr, and other private membership forums popping up. Why is that?

In my opinion it’s simple…to beat the system.

The systems being put in place throughout the Internet are vast and deep. Not to mention the maze of rules and regulations that we all simply click…”I agree…yada yada yada”, without even batting an eye at the fine print before us. I bet in the Facebook signup they could include a line in the Terms & Conditions Statement that says:

“Upon registering at this site you will be obligated to submit and renounce, all rights to your first born child to Mark Zuckerberg. Should you not have a child (as of this writing), you will be required to acknowledge that in the future, should you conceive one, he/she will be the sole property of Mark Zuckerberg”

And yet I can see how that statement could remain there for eons while Facebook members continued to register while unsuspectedly signing away their offspring.

Whoa! Where’d that come from…(((insert screeching of a train stopping)))

My point is, these days we have to build reporté and slowly ease it in at a medium pace. Don’t just come along and barge right in and interrupt the conversation while expecting to be received with welcome. Nope.

Think of the social web like school. Sometimes we have certain groups whereas we require something that one or the other group may have. Now, you might remember the old saying, “you get more with honey than you do with vinegar”. Well that is very much the case with social media. Another beautiful thing about the Internet…ANONYMITY. You can be whomever or where ever you want to be in order to infiltrate in to some of these cliques.

You’re probably wondering if all this cloak & dagger stuff is really necessary. Well…it’s not. I’m just saying that in order to join the upper echelon of the social web, one has to be open to anything.

Earlier in this post I mentioned that all of this is to beat the system – well it sort of goes like this…

If the average Joe were to set out to build up their social network they would quickly find that it’s not as easy as they once thought. You are constantly spinning your wheels – especially with Twitter. Don’t even get me started with Linkedin. Facebook…well that’s the easiest one of the lot to build a following. But then again…what’s the quality of your following when you simply open up the door and welcome in whatever riff-raff comes along.

In the case of Triberr, we see a system that is designed to help extend the reach of your material via Twitter as the conduit. However, it is INVITE ONLY (want an invite? contact metriberr don halbert.) and once you are on the inside, you will learn that there are more closed doors than there are wide-open ones. This is because these days, more and more of the social elite are becoming more “clique’y” than ever before. But it’s for the best actually. This is yet another example of slowing the amount of riff-raff funneling through your social web and allowing you 100% control.

In closing I would like to say that being part of the conversation is good but the road to get there…an altogether extended journey that will test your very being. I guess this is why companies and proprietors simply hire guys like myself who’ve already developed massive networks that they can then “tap” in order to present their product or service to the broadest spectrum of the market.

Until next time…stay safe. Peace.


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