Plainly put…without a blog you are driving in the dark.

The main function of a blog in any SEO strategy is to attract likewise thinking people to whatever it is you are selling. For example if I was to use this post as an example I would break it down like this.

  1. Write the blog post with focal market in mind. In other words, write the post relevant to your target market. (in this case it’s SEO)
  2. Link up and/or emphasis all targeted keyword phrases in the blog post to relevant content in your network.
  3. Write a well thought out meta description and title tag. (do not underestimate this step!)

Performing those 3 tips in to every blog post, you will begin to appreciate the power of attracting targeted clientele and in turn, conversions in your Costa Rica marketing efforts.

In any of my previous Costa Rica SEO strategies, I’ve always tried to stick to these 3 rules when writing blog posts. Of course there is the odd time where blog posts are for personal reasons and in that sense, do not require these rules. However most often when you write blog posts you need to keep them short and to the point, and don’t forget the 3 rules above for the SEO benefit you can gain.

Before you know it…these 3 rules will become second nature to you when writing a blog.


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