We all know how much of an Apprentice-o-holic I am, so obvious right now I’m knee deep in to Season 9 of the Trump version and it’s a celebrity version for the second time round.

This season we’ve got quite the Motley Crue of has beens including the lead singer of the 80s hair band Poison, Bret Michaels.

Now the name of the game is the contestants are broken in to two teams (normally women against men) and then they are handed business tasks to test their business acumen. Every week, from the losing team, one contestant is sent packing.

During last week’s episode the task was in full swing when Bret Bret Michaelsreceived a call from his girlfriend/groupie/wife…whatever…that his 9 year old daughter had showed symptoms of diabetes with thirst and extreme weight loss. So they got her tested and were awaiting the results. Throughout the task Bret was an emotional trainwreck (which I can understand) over the possibility of his daughter having to suffer like he has.

Near the end of the episode whereas both teams meet in the boardroom to face Trump’s verdict on a winner, Trump asked Bret Michaels about the situation with his daughter. Then Trump asked Bret if diabetes was hereditary and his answer had me question what I’ve believed for the past 20 years about diabetes. Bret responded by saying that yes it was hereditary and furthermore if the father of a child is diabetic, there is a 50/50 chance the child will have it also. Come again?

Being a hardcore Type I diabetic myself and as I listen to Bret say this I couldn’t help but to look over my shoulder at my sleeping new baby boy Skyler and wonder if what he just said was true and that I had been misinformed by many doctors, the Internet and other diabetics including the Diabetes Association of Canada.

I hit the Net!

There were many other diabetics that were on this exact same subject. Turns out Bret was very wrong in making this claim as it simply is not true and in reality, if the age of the mom and dad exceed 25 years, the chances are less than 1%. Furthermore there is no difference in whether it’s the mother or the father who has diabetes with regards to increased likelihood of the child getting the disease.

So as a diabetic myself, and having dealt with the worst diabetes can throw at a person (aside from death), I feel I have a right to state my mind on what I think of Bret Michaels for making such a stupid remark on national television. Did he ever think of the thousands of single guys out there with diabetes who, after Bret’s remark, may just find it a little more difficult to find a mate willing to procreate without thinking that the child would have a 50/50 chance of having diabetes? Not to mention his love of alcohol. I mean is this guy really the best representation for diabetes they could come up with?

Just to be clear here. I’m no angel myself when it comes to diabetes control. Hell, I like my beer like any other red blooded Canadian. The difference is, I’m not a celebrity (or pretending to be one) on television giving advice to people on what to or not to do when you have a life threatening illness. One well known fact about Type I diabetes and alcohol…THEY DON’T MIX. Kind of like getting a washed up rockstar from the 80s to be a spokesperson for such serious condition like diabetes. What’s next? Ron Jeremy would like to have a word with you about AIDS…


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