Branding is an extremely important aspect of building any business. But why is branding so very important?

Ideally the best branding is one that is not only catchy but also simple. Something a person can glance at for a split second, and remember. IE: Nike’s swoosh logo

But branding doesn’t have to be just about a logo. Take myself for example. I’m neck deep in the Costa Rica marketing industry but how do I give myself the competitive edge? Aside from performing above the rest, I’ve got to promote myself first and foremost.  That way, when people see my name, they will naturally  associate my name with being an expert in my field. Of course for the long haul one obviously has to have talent and genius to back it up and keep above the competition.

So branding of a name is also important for many entrepreneurs. Look at Trump, Deutsch, Hilton and other high profile family names used to brand businesses.

You know the age ol’ saying that you need to sell yourself before you’ll sell anything else. This certainly holds true in Costa Rica marketing.

Recently I’ve written articles mentioning this however I do not believe I’ve said it here on my personal blog.

There is a strip mall with 10 stores. All have the same product, signage, prices and everything else for that matter. You have store #6. What are you going to do in order to make clients come to your store over the other 9?

The answer is simple. Marketing

You need people to already have the impression, before arriving at your store, that you are in fact the expert and anyone else pales in comparison. This way, chances are they probably won’t even give notice to the competitors and instinctively head straight to your store.


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