Gotta love em…NOT!

Known world-wide as being notoriously difficult to deal with, Canada Post has worked hard all these years to build such a great reputation.

Over the past few years, I’ve sent numerous packages from Costa Rica. All of which have had problems of some sort arriving at their destination. I’ve tried…trust me I’ve tried, to blame it on Costa Rica but not once, has it turned out to be none other than the fault of our great Canada Post mail service.

You see Canada Post has this secret holding facility in Mississauga, Ontario. If…and I assure you it will…your package finds it’s way here, you are in for a world of problems. You see Canada Post make up their own rules so here are some FACTS about what happens when your package ends up in the black abyss that is Mississauga.

  • Mississauga has no address so pick up is impossible
  • Mississauga has no phone so you can’t call them
  • Mississauga has no superiors to answer any questions
  • Mississauga is customs
  • Customs is Canada Post
  • Call one and they say its the others fault (endless loop of idiocy)
  • No human beings appear to work in Mississauga only computer answering machines
  • According to international postal laws, the country responsible for holding a package has 90 days to respond with why it’s being held. Canada Post doesn’t abide to these laws as they are above them.
  • No one can help you when a package falls within the confines of the Mississauga holding facility.

From personal experience, I had a cheque, yes a cheque, arrive at Mississauga within 4 days of sending it from Costa Rica. They said they were holding it for inspection. Yup…a cheque. Long story REALLY REALLY SHORT? They held it for inspection for 11 month and 13 days and then released it to where it was going. Obviously it was cancelled and reissued by then. 🙁


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