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Don’t be a Dick!

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With 50 Billion Views, Who Could Ignore Such An Opportunity?

Craigslist. The site is #5 on the top most visited sites on the Net. It receives over 50 billion page views a month. Yeah…50 BILLION!!! So I figured it was time to investigate and spend a little more time researching what can be done on Craigslist with […]

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So What Was It?

So I bet you are wondering what all the hype was last week about what I was so anxiously anticipating. Well here it is. A few weeks ago I was approached by someone to write a piece about medical tourism in Guanacaste and in particular the areas […]

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Finding the Time?

More than ever in my life I am finding myself with less and less time. The majority of my time is spent with Costa Rica marketing. I’ve become quite reliant on my CMS (contact management system). My preferred system is Daylite from Marketcircle for Mac. It’s not […]

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Want tips on online marketing and SEO?

Yes sometimes I will post information on this subject containing ‘breadcrumbs’ of information on how to improve your online marketing, yet I never provide 100% of the mean by which to do so. This is where my Facebook Fan Page comes in… payday loan lender for bad […]

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