As Christmas rapidly approaches, we begin to think of family, friends, snow, xmas lights, children playing and of course the turkey.

Here in Costa Rica they start with the Xmas lights and decorations early. Ours for example, were up in October and the stores have been selling Xmas decorations since the beginning of September.

I once heard that Xmas is not the same unless you have children. For many many years I had to take this at face value considering I never had kids, however now that I have a son, I do see credence in that comment. If you are a parent, and a grinch, you should seriously reconsider your position on Xmas and what it actually means for the kids rather than your own selfish “grinch-i-ness”. (new word alert!)

I happen to have many surprises up my sleeve for this year’s Christmas and not just for the kids either…

With November off to a great start (insert sarcasm here), we’ve already suffered through over 6′ of rain in just under 72 hours. This in turn decapitated the country and set it spiraling in to chaos and dismay just before the holidays. Almost every major artery roadway has been shutdown due to landslides and even entire sections falling tens of metres down the mountainside. Now that the worst is over I guess we can look forward to the recovery efforts in time for high season and the tourists. This is especially the case in Manuel Antonio where the park is completely severed from Quepos for fear the mountainside may slide in to Quepos.


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