I get it all the time – businesses KNOW they need a copywriter however they want one at a content writer salary. Big difference.

So I figured I might as well clarify the differences between the two.

What is a content writer? Well, content writers are fairly diverse in the sense that they can write on any number of subjects given the time to research them. They are often hired to write blogposts, press releases, web content and submissions for article directories.

Content writers can be had for sweat shop prices with an average price per 550-600 words of $4-$5. They work for flat rates per article or on some occasions, monthly salaries for around $400 a month out of India.

Now what about a copywriter? I’m glad you asked…

seo copywriterA copywriter is night and day from a content writer. A copywriter has the challenge of writing to sell. If your print ads or web pages are not converting then that falls flat in the lap of your copywriter. If you have one.

You see many businesses, at least in Costa Rica, do not realize the importance of hiring a copywriter to present their product or services. In fact, many will simply hire a webmaster (who have ZERO knowledge in copywriting) to design the site AND write the ad copy.

I don’t know about you but I don’t recall the last time I took my car to the pizza joint to have my engine overhauled.

More often than not you will find that the copywriter is much more direct than simply a webmaster whipping something together that may or may not do the job. Copywriters use proven and effective, persuasion tactics in order to convince the reader to ACT. This is an extremely tricky thing to do. Especially these days.

The salary of a copywriter compared to a content writer is again…ALL TOGETHER DIFFERENT.

As opposed to a content writer, a copywriter will provide a flat rate for the job and additionally, they will also include a commission bonus on anything that sells as a result of the written ad copy. This can vary from 1% up to even 5% depending on the job and copywriter.

The now deceased  Gary Halbert, was known to charge upwards to $15,000 a sales letter and additionally he almost always tacked on a further commission agreement of 5% on any sales the letter generated.

I realize there is plenty of ‘misinformation’ on the Internet with regards to what exactly the differences and definitions are, however, take it from a professional in this field…the fact is they are nothing alike and anyone telling you that a content writer is just as skilled and therefore entitled to the same salary…is sadly mistaken.

On a parting note however there is a new definition of copywriter and content writer emerging. Well to be honest “we’ve” been around awhile it’s just now coming much more to light. The title is SEO Copywriter.

An SEO copywriter is the ultimate mix of search engine optimization strategies while still incorporating ‘killer ad copy’ to convert sales. A bright SEO copywriter can single handedly generate more online income than any other profession in the digital realm.

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