Y up…I’ve gone and done it again. I changed the site.

In case you have not figured me out yet…I’m a bit eccentric and when things begin to get dull for me, I will always set out to bring upon change.

So why did I change the site? A few reasons actually.

One might think that I would have learned this by now but….9 out of 10 times when I design a site, I far under-estimate my own Costa Rica SEO

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Around here...change is constant.

and marketing efforts. That being said and to put it plain and simple – my sites become too popular and too big for what they were originally designed for.


DonHalbert.com was originally designed as a personal vent space for my simple meanderings and to keep them off my main Costa Rica News Site. I felt I needed my own ‘scream room’ per se.

Well, as time went on and my Costa Rica marketing efforts began to accelerate, I found myself second guessing why DonHalbert.com was so….PERSONAL. So I’ve now put the personal stuff (IE: blog) behind the scenes and in the forefront I’ve placed my services.

Then there was the color scheme I originally selected. Too dark! So with the new look you will notice I’ve gone polar opposite and made the new site much easier on the eyes and incorporated a more cleaner, contemporary look. Like IKEA but not so much.

That all being said, I hope you enjoy the new look and if you have anything you’d like to say, feel free to ‘punch’ the feedback button on the left of your screen.


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