Everyday I thank the powers that be I was blessed with a serious dosage of common sense. It’s not often…if ever…that someone pulls the wool over my eyes. For this reason, throughout my life, I’ve only been taken a few times and never for very much. Of course ignoring the ignorance of love whereas if you are unfortunate enough to marry a crook/pathological liar…then shame on me right? Lesson learned.

I’ve often questioned the common sense gene while in Costa Rica. I mean there’s the fact that a road could literally wash out completely, leaving nothing but a 50m drop to the canyon below…and they’ll stick a branch in the hole and call it a day. That is of course until a family of 5 hits it and plummets to their death. Well then its time to maybe think about putting some road cones there. How about REPAIRING IT?

But the one thing that gets me are my fellow countrymen.

A few days ago, while working on the notorious Platina bridge in San Jose, two MOPT workers were mowed down by an accused drunk Canadian tourist. The man, with the last name Wellington, quickly tried to flee the scene and then the following day even tried to escape back to Canada. It has been said that within “Canadian” expat circles around San Jose, many were already assuming that it was a drunk Costa Rican and not a Canadian. Some made comments of castration etc. for convicted drunk driving Ticos. Does that still stand now that we find he was in fact Canadian?

Then there’s the case of another indicted criminal here in the Dominical area. This woman….well we dont need to go much further in to it other than she has been indicted on felony fraud charges and if convicted faces many many years in Costa Rican prison. Oh…and she’s Canadian. And then the peanut gallery of individuals who seem a tad challenged in the common sense department. Put it this way…they’re not swimming with the rest of us. Despite repeatedly being lied to and betrayed, they still continue to follow the dogma of BS this crook lays out for them. Maybe its the heat, tobacco or even the booze…who knows but one thing is for certain — have you got nothing better to talk about ladies? I’m almost certain even after she is convicted they will still find someway…somehow…to blame this guy.

I guess on another level I am extremely grateful for not ever losing an ounce of my common sense while being here. If anything it has only grown stronger.


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