Firstly you’ll need to recognize your market. Once you’ve targeted it then it’s time to seek the advice of an SEO Expert.

Comparing and finally selecting, a search engine optimization professional that is right for you, can be daunting. The market is flooded with them with only a small percentile of them actually ‘worth’ what they charge. If you don’t already know, the average rate per hour for SEO experts ranges from $250-$1000+. THATS PER HOUR!!!

Of course there are “seo experts” (lower case on purpose) you can find for far cheaper, yet like anything else in life, you will get what you pay for. Yes there are exceptions with me being one of them whereas the market you are targeting does not support these rates and you need to adjust in order to align yourself with the budgets of your target market. For example a dollar store in Mexico City is not going to hire an SEO expert at $250/hr. Maybe if they owned the domain this might be an exception however highly unlikely.

Today was a good example of necessary flexibility in this regard.

Bidding on a particular job, I was directed to a web site for a well known SEO expert throughout the United States. It is true that in the design and marketing industry we have “standards” by which we all abide as they were put in place in order to protect both parties in any contractual work. This SEO firm was no exception. They required you to prepay $500 per hour for any consultation. So far it’s all fairly standard but then after a little digging…

One thing you might come to expect when hiring a search engine optimization company, is that if they are on the high end of the pricing average for this type of online marketing, don’t you think they should, at the very least, rank well for their own targeted keywords?

What I found on this particular site I was directed to, was the fact that this “expert” was not only charging exorbitant rates normally reserved for the creme de la creme, but he wasn’t even ranking on page 1 in Google for ANY of his own targeted keywords. Ouch.

In closing I think it would good advice for anyone considering hiring an SEO agency that they first verify that they are in fact capable of marketing their own business first. And I dont mean just on the surface either. Dig a little (simply right click to see target metas then Google them). For example albeit unhappily, I am targeting solely the Costa Rica markets therefore my targets like “costa rica seo“, “costa rica marketing” and the highly competitive “costa rica news“, all rank page 1 in Google. Not to mention that I accomplished all this using an otherwise valueless domain name with any of my keywords contained in it.


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