costa rica seoWhat a tedious…boring…mind-freakin task. Link building.

Sure you could automate this task like anything else however…when dealing with top quality sites with high PR – you’d be best off just handling it all personally and with that ‘human touch’.

If you have not figured it out by now, one of…if the THE MOST IMPORTANT elements to any SEO strategy is back-linking. That is because Google translates each backlink to your site as a ‘vote’ of sorts. So the higher the quality of where the link is coming from, the more weight that vote holds. Therefore this is why we spend day and night searching for those high quality low OBL links to list our sites on. Kapish?

Over the past couple weeks I’ve really put it to the grind in terms of work and been revamping a few things between here and my Costa Rica News Site. I’ve mentioned it before but I’m going to again…to the left there you will see a Connect with Facebook button. That is the fastest and most easiest way to subscribe to my ├╝ber popular, Don Halbert Newsletter. Only by subscribing to this will get the ‘real juicy’ goods on everything from SEO to online marketing and copywriting. Of course there are a few incentives to sign up including a free Quick Start SEO Guide and even the password to read all the password protected content I put on this blog from time to time. All with one click of the Facebook button to the left. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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