No other word has been so over played as this one. Whether it’s by pharmaceutical companies selling you on the latest mind-**** drugs of choice or broken house wives, the bottom line is…IT IS A CHOICE!

The truth of it is that depression is not a measurable illness. Whether you want to believe it or not it’s true. If you don’t believe me then next time you are at the doctors, or your shrink’s office, ask them to show you that MRI showing where in your brain that ‘depression’ is located.

A kid breaks his leg and goes in to the doctor and gets meds after examining x-rays showing the damaged area.

A diabetic (like myself) tests their blood to examine their blood sugar levels. Levels come back high…we take insulin. Test the blood again…back to normal levels.

Measurable effect.

Where is the test for depression to show the drugs are working? There isn’t one. Only how you feel. Then again…ever heard of the placebo effect?

You see, for someone to compare their ‘depression’ to that of a physical disability or even a terminal illness, is ludicrous. One would have to lean more in the direction of delusional than anything else.

Life’s a bitch! Ever heard that before? Well it’s true. We all have hard times now and again…it’s those that CHOOSE to remain in a constant state of depression and drama that baffle me.

So next time you hear someone make a cookoo bird claim that depression is a disease or physical affliction…maybe that person would be better off getting a swift backhand. Besides…maybe it would jog whatever is out of place..back in.

PS: Why take it from this bloat…make your own decision and watch the greatest marketing flick of all time – The Marketing of Madness. The entire movie is available on YouTube just look for it in its parts.


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