Businesses continue to disregard the importance of Internet marketing in Costa Rica. For this reason, there is a constant turnover.

The biggest culprits are the Costa Rica real estate developers or the tourism hospitality sectors.

Businesses just open up…then disappear without a trace. Nobody ever knows what happened to them.

Costa Rica is like the Bermuda Triangle of online business.

I guess the only way we’ll know is when the alien mothership from Close Encounters lands and out walks all these disoriented Costa Rica business owners babbling something about…”I thought I would have had more leads — more walkins. Didn’t you?”

Location is everything and without it you won’t stand a chance.

costa rica marketingWhen it comes to location — that’s the SEO department. And one of the primary elements of a good inbound marketing strategy is search engine optimization.

Having your business on page 1 of Google is crucial for the success of your online business venture. For this reason we deploy some of the most creative SEO methods to compliment our proven inbound marketing strategies.

Now you might be thinking that Internet marketing in Costa Rica is only for the “rich guys” or the “players” who have more money than sense.


The truth of the matter is that with recent advancements in inbound marketing, a revolutionary lead attraction method, you don’t have to have deep pockets to compete against the so-called “players”.

Sure, like anything, you get what you pay for however without ever exploring the possibility you’ll never know what could have been. In other words…the price might just surprise you.

There are inbound marketing strategies that can stretch in to the thousands but then again there are a few that come in around a g-note also. Oh sorry for that…my bad…that’s my attempt at being “hip”.

Won’t happen again.

If you are interested in knowing more on the costs involved with inbound marketing, please do not hesitate to ask. Simply provide me with your name and email here — Costa Rica marketing — and I will contact you.


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