With a fresh new look and a whole lot of new backend coding, my personal site for Costa Rica marketing should really start to fly. Not that it wasn’t already but now it’s gonna really take off.

My previous version of this site, although pleasant (sort of) to look at, the new one has a plethora of added features that utilize many more Web2.0 technologies. Not to mention the entire site is now centered around my heavily targeted keyword phrases of “Costa Rica marketing” and “Costa Rica SEO”.

I’ve now utilized some pretty nifty little WP plugins for reminding me (sometimers) of when I get off track in my onsite SEO efforts. Surprisingly I was fairly┬ánonchalant┬áin this regard. At least on my own site I was. NOT GOOD! Especially for an SEO professional.

I feel optimistic about 2011 and how it will affect the Costa Rica marketing scene. In past years it has been an effort to get businesses to realize the importance of this crucial element to the success of any business. If I were to be quite honest I would describe it as similar to pulling teeth. However 2011 is promising in this regard as I’ve been asked to guest speak at a number of marketing seminars this year so with that being said I best be prep’in the old Costa Rica marketing presentations and gearing up for a spectacular 2011!

For more information on my Costa Rica marketing and SEO services, or if you just want to chat, feel free to hit me on my Contact Page!


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