Costa Rica Marketing by Certified Inbound Marketing Professionals

When it comes to Costa Rica marketing I look at it like this…

“Doing business without an Internet marketing strategy is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

Costa Rica marketing is everywhere. Everywhere you look you will find flyers, classifieds, radio and of course the real estate signs. However one enigma in this disarray, is the online aspect of Costa Rica marketing. This is where Costa Rica businesses falls short.

Early on while I was trying to get the message about the importance of online marketing out there, I was met with much resistance. Repeatedly I was hearing comments that it was unnecessary and that good ‘ol fashioned referrals and print ads was all that was needed. GONG!

I can tell you with the utmost certainty that if your Costa Rica marketing plan does not include the competitive edge a strong online presence can give a business…you will likely join the rest of the failed businesses here. And there are many.

In 2009, a report released by eMarketer said that more than 69% of Canadians and almost 65% of Americans are Internet users. And what is one of the cardinal rules to business? Go to where your customers are. If you’re not marketing on the internet then you are ignoring almost 70% of your potential market. Big mistake.

Costa Rica Marketing And Costa Rica SEO

…strategies that PAY!

quotesbig 300x268 Costa Rica Marketing by Certified Inbound Marketing ProfessionalsChoosing your SEO and online marketing out of the gate is the most crucial moment in your online endeavor. Yet the troubling part is that, even though you’ve hired an SEM (search engine marketer) or SEO (search engine optimizer), chances are they will get it wrong also. How?

Many “professionals” make big promises and then once your dollars are in their greedy little hands…they don’t deliver on those promises.

Without proper time nor the proper tools, one cant possibly isolate your target market or whether or not it is a lucrative one worth pursuing. This is a very time consuming process with many variables to consider.

A Costa Rica marketing strategy from Don Halbert is different. With an insurmountable amount of experience in this sector, and the tools and contacts to draw upon, Don Halbert can produce the finest Costa Rica marketing strategy to suite your needs. But most importantly….PROVEN RESULTS!

Costa Rica Marketing

…taking businesses to the next level for over 15 years.

So next time you are considering a Costa Rica marketing strategy for your business, consider Don Halbert, the finest, #1 most effective, online marketing professional in Costa Rica. Take it from me…after all I wrote the book on it!

“I know what I know and I do it exceptionally well.”

- Don G. Halbert

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