As the saying goes…”Oh no you didn’t.”

I’m about to get up on dat and take Costa Rica SEO to levels ain’t never seen before.

BTW: this post may or may not be grammatically correct. I guess that just depends where y’all from though.

So…where was I? Oh yeah – I was about to get all ghetto on yer asses.

Previously, Costa Rica SEO was pretty mundane and well, down right BORING. There wasn’t much to choose from and from the select few you had to pick from…not many of them really had much of a clue about SEO in Costa Rica.

Here are a few indicators that your Costa Rica SEO “expert” isn’t much of an expert at SEO as he might be at BS.

  • Price. (Hint: you get what you pay for)
  • Experience.
  • Recommendations & Referrals
  • Personal Promotion (Hint: if they can’t perform SEO on themselves what makes you think they can on you?)


So next time someone offers you TOP OF THE LINE Costa Rica SEO services for $89. – you best be rethinking that.

These are what I like to call the SEO Pimps. They will pimp out your services to India or the Philippines while you keep throwing that $89 bucks out the windows so he/she can afford to buy a beer after surfing. Remember…this is Costa Rica…anyone can be any one they choose. So do your research.

Experience is always good. Wouldn’t want a vacuum salesman selling you on a $3000/mth Costa Rica SEO package would ya? I didn’t think so.

More often than not if they are who they say they are and they can do what they say they can do…there is going to be someone who can back that up. Check references!

And the last one which in my opinion, is the most important. This is where the boys are men and the boys who THINK they are men…fall short.

To be honest if/when I ever hired a contractor to build me a house, I’m going to want to see some real life work of his before I even consider hiring him to build my dream home. So do the same in Costa Rica SEO. It’s simple. Check their rankings and that of their clients. So long as you know the target market they are after, be sure to check how well they are performing for themselves.

I realize a lot of business is done via word of mouth but in the case of Costa Rica SEO…this can’t get further from the truth. Why trust your friends and family? Why trust anyone? Who cares if the priest from the local church says so and so is a brilliant online marketing guru…PROVE IT! That’s what I say.

Simply verify if in fact all the marketing hype is true by searching, your best friend, Google. If I’m in need of Costa Rica marketing then might you not want to search for “Costa Rica marketing”. Same thing for Costa Rica SEO or whatever else tickles your fancy. ALWAYS VERIFY. Everything. All of the time. With your own eyes.

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