Having been involved in doing Costa Rica SEO on a level not previously seen before in the country, I’ve learned a lot. And bluntly speaking…isn’t that what it is really all about?

Recently the SEOMoz.org site (SEO Ground Zero), released their 2010 findings on their survey of the SEO industry. Some interesting reading. (if you’re an SEO geek) 2010 SEO Industry Analysis

Through the years I’ve seen it all, from arrogant SEOs to just downright ignorant and condescending. With character traits like those, you won’t go far in the SEO industry. The market is growing at an alarming rate and given the world is suffering an economic crisis not seen since 1929, it’s worth noting that the SEO industry is experiencing record growth. Why?

I don’t need to be the one to tell you that in any business the number one most important consideration should be LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. In relation to the digital realm this means GOOGLE, GOOGLE, GOOGLE. That means that any business that is interested in increasing their profits and broadening their markets, absolutely must consider their placement in Google. Enter the SEO.

Anatomy of an SEO

Anatomy of an SEO

The sole purpose of any SEO expert is to strategically place their clients businesses within the upper echelon of Google’s prized Page 1 for their targeted markets. These days there are not many businesses capable of succeeding without the utilization of the Internet. To ignore the Net is to ignore the largest marketplace, not just in the world, but in our existence. Dumb idea!

Myself having started in the infancy of online marketing, I could be considered a bit of a pioneer in this regard. It is universally accepted that “true” search marketing real only began in 1996. So what was I…Don Halbert doing in 1996? I was scouting the back alleys of the Web, running IRC channels for the purposes of online marketing for my services at that time and even had already built and launched, at least a dozen web sites. In 1997 when I moved to Victoria, my skills in online marketing erupted and by 1999 I had single handedly brought a company from obscurity to limelight (CNN and others…) by harnessing a skill for marketing unlike anything previous.

Traditionally this is how a corporate hiring would go for IT/Marketing/Web Design. Hire a senior marketing consultant for online (and possible offline) consultation. Hire a web designer to design your online presence. Hire an SEO for the ranking. Hire a copywriter for what is considered one of the most important ingredients to any SEO strategy….CONTENT! Hire an SEM (search engine marketer) to handle all ad/PPC campaigns. Hire a graphic designer. What a list eh? Well I’m 100% capable at achieving all of them on a daily basis. Yes sometimes it rough doing it all but ultimately I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Where does Costa Rica SEO fit in to all this?

Firstly everyone knows that here in Costa Rica, many of us love it here for one reason…slower pace to life. Many people, myself included, will tell you that life in Costa Rica is like living back in North America 25 years ago. Laid back lifestyles and SEO DO NOT work well together. However this does not stop many “SEOs” from dabbling in a little SEO between swells and jungle jive’in. I don’t intend on going on a competition bashing spree here but all I’m saying is that I feel more SEOs in Costa Rica should take the time to learn and hone their trade a little more so that they could compete in the world market. I just think Costa Rican businesses deserve better is all.

Then again…WHO AM I TO TALK?

This guy

It's This Guy!

Any SEO will tell you that the most difficult market to conduct SEO for is the real estate industry. Actually many of them will not take them on. I wanted to prove my worth…TO MYSELF, so I sighted my rifle and head out on the range. Within 7 months I was ranking #2 in Google and #1 in Yahoo! for one of the most competitive keyword phrases in the country. I now retain that spot only below one other that so happens to have an advertising budget that would make you cringe.

And what about Costa Rica marketing? Unrelated URL. Hardly an effort. Guess who’s #2 in Google? Its this guy!

Whatever I set my sights on I get. No exceptions. Failure is not an option with this guy. Pura vida and peace out. Keep it real.


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