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costa rica seoThese days my life is a bit hectic. I’ve invested in my future with regards to Costa Rica SEO and strategically positioned myself in a place where I am growing quite fond of…the top!

Tapping your nostalgia, remember Batman? Well remember his “utility belt”? Well, I’ve been expanding on mine and now I have really gone off the deep end and invested in some of the best tools any SEO could dream of. With Costa Rica SEO growing immensely in popularity, and more and more people looking to position their businesses within the search engines, my services have become in high demand.

Currently I have an arsenal of weaponry when it comes to my geo-targeted Costa Rica SEO efforts, including a dedicate brand new IBM powerhouse laptop running 24/7 as an SEO dedicated server. This beast runs the latest in analytics and patented SEO software in order to benefit my clients with the highest quality results of anyone in the country.

That being said I will have to admit however that I’m a bit overwhelmed. This is nothing new to me and I admit I do have to work on my time management skills, yet in the meantime…I BEST GET CRACKIN!

Delegating is part of business. And a good delegator can go a long way in the business world. That said…I am on the hunt for an apprentice. I am currently on the look out for an eager, ready to learn. English speaking, innovative mind. I don’t care if they are female or male. So long as they are over 19 years of age and are anxious to learn the art of Costa Rica SEO.

Top Dog Costa Rica SEO Seeks Apprentice

Now this doesn’t mean I need to receive a boat load of resumes. To be honest resumes don’t interest me. Proof of claim is what interests me most. You claim you can/have done something…PROVE IT. So if you are interested in a venture in to the online marketing business in English…most specifically Costa Rica SEO, then drop me a line via my contact form.



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