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costa rica seo Costa Rica SEO Services by Don HalbertFinding someone to do your Costa Rica SEO is not difficult – they’re a dime a dozen – what is the challenging part is finding one that isn’t just going to tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign on the dotted line.

My name is Don Halbert and over the years I’ve built up a solid reputation for SEO services in Costa Rica. Some of my clients have included the most affluent companies throughout the country including the likes of Sony, GE, Ericsson, AG Abogados and and numerous others. My reputation in this department supersedes me and my references will attest to this.

My Costa Rica SEO services (posicionamiento en buscadores) have proven their effectiveness over the years with a collection of my own personal network of web pages all with exceptionally high domain authority ratings according to the industry standards at SEOmoz.

Like anything else in life, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. And with that being said, when considering hiring any Costa Rica SEO specialist, it is highly recommended that you think about a few things first…

  • are they severely underpriced from other SEO service providers? $99/mth – RUN!
  • are their own sites (or client sites) ranking well? Sandboxed? RUN!
  • are their references reliable in that they are easily verifiable? No references? RUN!
  • are they experienced (more than 6 years) and/or certified? Neither or? RUN!

Establishing your SEO budget is of the utmost importance. The first question any qualified Costa Rica SEO is going to ask you will be your budget. This is quite simply to determine the level of service your budget can support while at the same time, it also shows your level of commitment to your online success.

Now before you jump all over me for that last remark…hear me out.

A fantastic idea for any business considering hiring an SEO in Costa Rica is to do the following:

KNOW YOUR KEYWORD ADWORD VALUE! This is because if for example you are targeting “Costa Rica real estate” and you head over to Google Adwords and begin to inquire about using PPC advertising for this phrase, you’ll quickly find that the Avg. CPC value is around $2.00. Now hold on a second here it’s more complicated than that. If the average cost per click is $2 let’s say…that means that if you want that top spot in the SERPs above the organic results…you’re gonna have to pay more. So let’s assume your real CPC is around $2.75-$3.50.

So if you’re thinking about competing in a verifiably competitive niche like “Costa Rica real estate” and your expecting to budget anything less than $2000/mth (rough estimate), you might want to rethink your entire Costa Rica SEO strategy.

A favorable statistic for SEO is the statement in the annual 2012 SEOmoz State of SEO report where they stated an incredible 75% of internet users prefer organic results over paid. That means that 75% of your target market would rather click on an organic search result than on a paid one like PPC or CPM.

This is important mainly because there are so many business owners that are misinformed about what can be accomplished within their budget – and in fact many shop price over anything else when it comes to SEO services.

In marketing we have a saying…”minimal budget = minimal results”.

So think about that next time you’re in the market for a qualified and reputable Costa Rica SEO.

What makes the Costa Rica SEO services of Don Halbert stand out?


First off I am the most connected person in the entire country. That’s right! If you were to combine my personal & business contacts, social network connections like Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook and my own private network of over 50 web sites, you’d find an insurmountable number of interlinking connections. This affords me the liberty to expose my clients to a far broader spectrum of potential leads than anyone else in the country. In addition to that, I am also a contributing writer for Hubspot, Newsblaze, The Student Operated Press and a massive selection of mainstream media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Moneywatch, CBS, ABC – have all displayed my writing or written about me personally.

With the question being raised…”is SEO dead?”

…I’d have to respond with a resounding NO. The truth of the matter is that it is dynamic and in a constant state of evolution. The things that we use to deploy might no longer work in the same capacity as before (post-Penguin and Panda) – so now we’ve learned that in order to provide the most quality of SEO services we must remain on the bleeding edge of search. I employ a team of skilled individuals who specialize in their particular pocket/area of online marketing. We cover all areas including SEO, inbound marketing, web design, copywriting and even graphic design for logos etc.

I am a certified inbound marketing educator and professional direct response copywriter. It is with these skills that I can bring far more to the table than my colleagues who simply specialize in often outdated Costa Rica SEO methods that do more damage than good to their clients businesses.

Don G. Halbert
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