Not much. Plain and simple.

Since my time in the digital satellite world, I’ve had to deal with jealous, infantile cyber stalkers that have absolutely nothing better to do than prey upon people that make them feel inferior. In fact, during the year 2000, I had a total of 4 bonafide cyber stalkers targeting me.

In Hollywood they say you are nobody until you have your own stalker. However cyber stalkers are a breed of their own. These flakes are best referred to as “keyboard Rambos”.

keyboard ramboThe keyboard Rambo can pretend to be anyone they want. They are typically socially challenged and shy away from any physical contact with those they target. Easily distracted, the cyber stalker finds solace in belittling others in order to divert attention from their own short comings. They typically find it difficult to operate on any kind of professional level and it’s for this reason they find themselves with excessive amounts of time to waste focusing on bringing other people down.

There are varying degrees of cyber stalkers and each having their own deranged way of justifying their screwball fixation with people they do not even know. In fact, some cyber stalkers become so obsessed…so fanatical, that they can become detached from reality and extend this obsession for years – sometimes never letting go. The truth of the matter is, one of the stalkers I had back in 1999, still in fact obsesses about me to this day…12 years later!

I’ll admit, the satellite industry was pretty similar to travelling with the circus, however what I didn’t expect, but was told to me, was that the SEO world was the same. Now that I think about it, it’s possible that I was so consumed by my desire to succeed and innovating my own Internet marketing strategies, that it’s likely I couldn’t see what was right there in front of me the whole time…some people simply can not stand to see you succeed.

It’s true – whether you know them or not, a certain type of character will attack the moment your paths cross and they feel the slightest bit threatened by your success.

These days I’m just far to busy to concern myself with this kind of juvenile behavior however a month or so ago I was unfortunate enough to cross paths with yet another. And would you know it – the cyber stalker/redneck/wannabe Internet marketer/jobless inbred from Kentucky…fell in love with me. Now I’m no expert on the subject but I could have sworn that Kentucky would be the last place you’d find a pompom wearing snake oil salesman posing as a “professional” Internet marketer. Then again, I learn something new every day.

The catalyst for this seasoned cyber stalker? A blog post I made talking about link authority that he disagreed with. Although the subject has been discussed by veteran SEOs the world over, this challenged individual decided I was worth his time. The hilarious thing is – during his cyber stalking rampage, he bought domains for keywords he thought I was targeting and then 301 redirected his “aged PR domain” to the new one in order to make it rank and proving my point EXACTLY. Then again I would never expect this SEO rookie to understand that.

This is a guy that mascarades around the Internet lurking for his next victim. You see the stereo-typical cyber stalker is a coward. This one is no exception. Hiding behind his wife’s name, William continues to run around like a child, slandering people, verbally abusing people and just flat out annoying people, all because he knows that once people become interested in researching who this lunatic is…they find he’s nothing but a shell of a man who throws punches while he ducks behind his wife. Is this the kind of person who you’d trust with your corporate image? Imagine having this guy on your marketing team and finding out that he’s wasting money YOU PAY HIM, to troll around the Internet looking to create problems that likely could reflect badly upon your organization?

The reality is that there are many “SEO Experts” that couldn’t land a big client if their lives depended on it. Why? Who wants to trust someone as unstable as to become so sidetracked by the success of another, that they would dedicate a large percentage of their time in attempting professional sabotage? The very fact this guy is consumed by me should tell any one that the only taste of success this nutcracker will get is by taking a bite out of me.

Myself, I’d be embarassed. In fact, I was rather embarassed when it began so I reached out to the clown and asked him to just let it go and move on – we both have children to feed and clients to keep happy. I guess I was wrong. Sure the guy has kids to feed, a football team to be more precise, but clients to keep happy…this is something this gaming junkie, forum lurking, Linkedin troll has no concept of. I guess for that reason he is a pig farming, chicken coup building part time SEO.

The funniest part of the whole thing is that he claims to be such an SEO mastermind that he can’t even differentiate between vanity keywords and money keywords.

Over two years ago I realized for myself that chasing after vanity keywords – keywords worth nothing –  just for the egotistical privilege of saying, “I beat you!”, was a massive waste of time. SEO noobies like the one I’m referring to, are too narrow minded and lack the SEO accumen to fully understand the concept of keyword research and simply target what they think a more experienced SEO might be targeting.

If there’s one thing I learned early on in my life is that, it’s always best to experience for yourself what others talk about. If you construct your business model based on what you think someone else is doing, you will forever be two steps behind.

Then again that could be a little insight in to the DNA of a cyber stalker – always a bridesmaid never a bride.


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