For a few years now I have been reluctant to delve too deep in to this for fear of what I might find. First here is a little background.

Over the past few years I have grown extremely familiar with the Joomla! CMS environment and have utilized this platform on many of my web projects. I’ve even written a few of my own personal plugins using PHP for my Joomla! sites. The point I am making here is that I am a, by all sense of the word, a fanatic when it comes to Joomla! Here in lies the problem…

My first venture in to the WordPress realm was ironically enough, with this site when I changed from a Flash site to the WP blog here today. Shortly after switching to WP, this blog began to take off in the SERPs. It appeared that wherever I aimed my sites, the rankings would follow. Evidence of this is clearly in the public domain when you search for “Costa Rica marketing” of which I am #2 (rightfully so I should be #1 yet Google ranks domain in higher regard). I have no keywords present in my domain and to boot I was starting from scratch with my previous SEO obsolete Flash site. I quietly watched as things began to take off once changing to WP. Still I was reluctant to credit WP.

Then I did another WP site for a client. Same results.

And now I have, a Costa Rica questions site designed for simplistic use while storing a wealth of information within it’s repository for future “question askers” to enjoy. And another WordPress foundation. has been live and active now for a mere 48 hours and Google already has already indexed it along with Yahoo and Bing.

A pattern has been forming now for sometime and I can no longer ignore this. Is WordPress superior to Joomla! and in turn a better candidate for web designers concerned about SEO and if so why? Stay tuned as I investigate this further.


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