It took my best friend to light this fire under my arse and get me to make headway in to actually doing something about this problem I’ve created for myself.

You see what I’ve done is inadvertently limited my market. How? Well…

First off I began promoting myself as an “expert” in the field of marketing and promotion for businesses in Costa Rica. Over time, I’ve created a name over the Net that portrays myself as the “go to person” when it comes to Costa Rica SEO and Costa Rica marketing.

Thinking differently

What I didn’t expect, well plan for, was the fact that here in Costa Rica things are done alot cheaper than in the US or Canada. Despite the quality/caliber of the work, most expect quite simply, the cheapest price. Compounding on top of that is the fact that many businesses here do not appreciate the value of online marketing and SEO strategies and often ignore them both or possibly do minimal in this regard.

So what’s the directional shift I’m going to take?

With my recent advancements in status, education and skill set, I think it might be time to hit the global markets rather than just focusing on Costa Rica and constraining myself. I realize this might take time considering all I’ve done so far with regards to marketing my name to promote Costa Rica SEO and marketing, however I’m always up for a good challenge.

I’ve already started making headway to doing so however I figure a good three to four months before anything solid is on its way. Right now it’s just baby steps.


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