Wrinkles, hair loss, sagging body parts – all part of getting old, but when it comes to URLs – this is actually a good thing.

Out of the thousands of variables when it comes to performing any SEO strategy, one of the factors to consider is your domain age. And like any fine wine…domains only getting better with age.

It is universally accepted that domain age is a consideration in the Google algorithm for ranking pages. Although in 2009, Matt Cutts (Google Face-man), was openly asked this question: “Does a domain’s age affect it’s ranking?”

…for which he gave a real vague answer without answering the “actual” question at all.

(the quote to the right by Matt Cutts @ the 2007 WordPress Convention, is a follow-up to my last post about WordPress)

“If you do everything on WordPress, you’re pretty much covered for SEO.” 

Matt Cutts responded by going on about registrars putting out misinformation on how Google will rank your domain with consideration for how long it is registered for. The thing was that many claim that if you registered a domain for only 1 year, you can’t be all that serious about your online business therefore you don’t plan on being around too long. Either that or you are a spammer who plans on simply abusing the hell out of the domain and using it as a disposable URL.

Herein lies the problem…that was not the question asked. The questioned asked was clear yet Matt decided to skirt the issue and took the opportunity to jab registrars instead. Well, call me a conspiracy theorist here but…

In all honest I do believe that domain age (IE:length of service for domain without drop or change in registrars) really does matter. Furthermore, I also believe that Google holds value in aged domains based on the fact that the whole idea of ranking is to separate the bad/untrustworthy content…from the good. And what better way than to look how long a business has been operational for?

Of course Google considers this element in their ranking scheme. Now for the record…I do want to point out that domain age is only 1 out of dozens or more, considerations by Google when it comes to establishing your ranking so please don’t focus too much on this one element.

It also doesn’t hurt to get an aged domain if you have the opportunity in front of you!

PS: btw…I managed to secure a 12-year old domain last week and am looking forward to DOMINATING my target market with it. 🙂


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