Well its now been a few weeks since my return from Canada and well…let’s just say that a lot has changed since then.

After getting the low-down from my Doc on my situation with respect to my diabetes and where it stands, I felt a drastic lifestyle change was in order. First off it’s worth noting that I am always one to look for a “natural cure” rather than resorting to pills and such. After all the blood tests came back everything was ‘fairly’ normal aside from one or two things. Primarily my kidneys and cholesterol. Well the reality is my cholesterol level was normal for a non-diabetic but Canada recommends a much lower LDL than normal. Even though its almost unachievable to be honest.

I ask if there were somehow to avoid taking all the meds and just do it naturally. As every doctor before him has said, “its impossible but you could always become 100% vegetarian and run 5 miles a day.” Anyone that knows me knows I ain’t running no 5 miles a day in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle. However the vegetarian part intrigued me.

For years I’ve been teetering on the idea because for the better part, I practically already was a vegetarian. Little did I know.

What now? Well now I have no added salt in my food (sodium nullifies effects of RAAS blockade) and I am now 100% vegetarian. No chicken. No beef. No pork. Fish is a possibility once or twice a week. But thats it. I tell ya something…my salad creativity levels went through the roof!

The benefits are many including 1/3 the insulin intake. Less kidney damage. More energy. Stricter blood sugar control. And overall better feel to life. I actually kinda like it.

How long will I last? I say forever but after all it has only been a month now but here’s to positive thinking!!!

Pura vida 2011!


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