I had an interesting day today, some might believe it was a complete waste of five hours of my time – however I try to see the positive in everything.

I set out on a quick trip to go buy a micro Sim card prepaid so that I could run the Internet on my iPad down at the beach or wherever I may be. I heard that the company MovieStar offered the best prepaid Internet packages at 1.5 MB a second so that’s where I set off to go.

Actually the truth of it is, on Saturday I’d bought the card at the mall and today I went back to Movistar because I couldn’t get the MicroSim to register in my iPhone nor in my iPad or any other telephone I put it into.

When I got there I couldn’t get the iPad to work with the MicroSim in front of the Movistar employee – then he tried – same result. After looking at the chip he realized that the Sim had been cut to be a MicroSim however he cut too close and cut the actual chip rendering a couple connectors on the side useless and destroyed the MicroSim. (this was of course the other employee out at the mall)

So I asked him what we can do about it.

The guy then told me that we would have to get a new MicroSim, cut it correctly and then transfer the credits that I purchased from the first microSim over to the new one.

I said do what you have to do in order to get it working.

After he was all done he had the nerve to ask me for five dollars. I said…pardon me?

He said well now that you have a new microSim you’ve got to pay for it.

I told him to go to hell and I said I would go back to the company that I have with my iPhone with.

He said he wouldn’t charge me. I got my card and I left.

When I got home I tried the card in my phone and it said “NO SIM” so I went over to a friends with a Movistar contract on an iPhone 4S and he tried it in his phone and it said “NO SIM” also. We took it out and looked at it and it was cut badly again.

ipad 3 costa ricaMeanwhile me and my friend engaged in a little bit of back-and-forth banter over whether or not the Verizon version of the iPad 3 would work on all carriers including all the different frequencies through the GSM and CDMA spectrum – also including the LTE.

My friend believed that the Verizon version wouldn’t work in Costa Rica because Costa Rica operates off GSM rather than the CDMA signal.

We looked on the Internet and upon first glance it would appear that he was right however I never accept no for an answer so I continued searching…

You see, I have years and years of troubleshooting experience while being a systems engineer and if there is one thing that I’ve learned through it all…is never to jump to conclusions. Study EVERYTHING!

It was hard to find a definitive answer but I did find that the Verizon version could operate off of an AT&T card and vice versa for the AT&T version.

My friend began to get heated and insisted that he was right and I was wrong about the Verizon version of the iPad. He changed his tune slightly and now thought it wouldn’t operate if a Verizon Internet data package wasn’t applied to the iPad.

First of all you can see it in black and white on the Apple spec sheet for the iPad 3 where both versions – whether Verizon or AT&T – operate off of all frequencies whether CDMA, GSM or LTE in order to operate internationally without hassle.

Then I called Apple…

Before I got cut off of the customer service line and before talking to a senior adviser for iPads he did mention that it is highly probable that the devices will only operate internationally if a data plan exists for Verizon or AT&T.

Then I called back after I got home.

Remember now, I never take no for an answer especially when my common sense is tingling telling me somethings up.

This time it was immediately to a senior adviser and engineer for the New iPad 3.

This time he would waste no time telling me that the Verizon iPad 3 would only operate off of the CDMA signal. I told him he was wrong.

I then told him to go to Apple’s own website and bring up the page for the technical specifications for the iPad 3. It was there that I pointed out to him that it says that all iPad 3s whether AT&T or Verizon will cover all of the spectrums of cellular providers with GSM CDMA or LTE.

The phone went silent.

When he came back from picking himself up off the floor, he said it appears you are right.

We reset the network connections and turned airplane mode on and off and immediately it picked up the Movistar signal. Then all I had to do was set the APN settings and my Internet is working with the Movistar MicroSim in Costa Rica.


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