Have you read or heard of the book? You might be surprised.

In 2007 a budding author tried to publish a book labeled Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit yet strangely (insert sarcasm here) no one would touch his book. Without a publisher, Timothy was faced with a crossroad. Conform or not to conform?

Often throughout our lives we are faced with a moment where we inevitably are forced to make a decision where the very core of who we are is put to the test for the sake of making money and/or garnering public acceptance. Conformity.

In an epic moment in Timothy’s life…he changed the name of the book and got the publisher he needed.

4 hour work weekThe book? The 4-Hour Work Week.

The author? Timothy Ferriss.

What would soon become an empire unto its own, The 4-Hour Work Week shot to #1 status and catapulted Timothy Ferriss to even be nominated for “Most Innovative Business People of 2007” by Fast Company in 2007. The book has since been translated in to 33 different languages and has been sweeping the globe since inception.

It’s a good book and if you haven’t read it yet you really should. However….

Enough of the book. The real reason I am writing this is for an altogether different cause….

Shock value.

In marketing circles there is still this anxiety towards ‘tasteful’ shock value. I don’t mean this crap you see on reality TV or the likes. No. I mean truly creative genius…but with an edge.

It’s no secret I am a copywriter. I can tell you that the single most important step in writing ANY copy, is the headline. The headline must grab the reader by the ears and tear them in. If you can’t produce that, then chances are you won’t have nothing. Headline is everything.

Sometimes I will be driving around and BAM! in pops a headline and I think, “Oh God this is gonna be a gooder.”

For once you have a catchy, attention grabbing, nose breaking headline…the rest is gravy.


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