When it comes to lead acquisition – why leave it to chance?

Almost on a daily basis I have to explain to my prospective clients the importance of distinguishing between garbage traffic and quality conditioned traffic. Not to mentioned the contrasting bi-products they produce through the lead flow funnel.

It is in my biased opinion that the single most important element to an effective inbound marketing strategy is the selection of the copywriter.

The copywriter performs the key function of conditioning the lead — almost a guide if you will, through the lead acquisition funnel. If the flow is not fluid and without smooth transitions, the punter could become derailed.

Clearly one can stumble along like a blind squirrel and may…just may…trip over a nut!

headlineThe benefits of having a professional copywriter AND inbound marketing expert are too numerous to list — it lowers the odds of stray leads.

Of course you always have the option of outsourcing the copywriting however this on to it’s own is something to be careful with.

When outsourcing, one has to be cautious and go in to it with eyes wide open. More often than not you’ll liking have a revolving door of talent…or should I say…lack of talent — before finding the one that fits.

As a copywriter myself, I get asked all the time to make quotes on writing – primarily web page copy. And time and time again I often get the same response…

$250 per page…are you nuts?

For which I have my typical sarcastic response…

Quality is relative to talent. Quantity is relative to marketing.

In no better example can this be found than in the age old competitive spirit between Apple & Microsoft.

So next time you’re considering hiring a copywriter to help sell your product or services, take a moment to sit down and think to yourself if your product or service is really all that unique. And if so…then leave it to a master copywriter to convince the world your product/service is the one they simply can’t do without.

Quickly before we wrap this up, I would like to list the Top 3 Reasons You Need A Copywriter.

  1. Increase lead flow exponentially.
  2. Increase conversion rates by absurd amounts.
  3. Increase brand awareness & look like a rockstar!

The bottom-line to using professional copywriters for your web content or print media is INCREASE the black. IE: your ROI. Besides…your accountant will love you for it – as will the boss!

Until next time…peace!

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