When in Rome…

While I might be considered by some to be a bit of a control freak – although the perception is understandable, it comes from a good business accumen based on my life to date as a self employed entrepreneur.

Constantly looking for ‘niche markets’, I am certainly an opportunist. When I see the moment…I seize the moment.

A man is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. – Warren Buffett

Over the past couple months I’ve been in the process of a bit of a shuffle. I’ve moved in to some ‘gap’ markets that I had previously not been aware of. I’ve invested in to some rather big investments that hold not only great potential for myself but also my son as he grows old. We can’t argue with the great Warren Buffett now can we?

I am pleased with my decision to move into other markets to broaden my scope and potentially expand my existing online presence aka Klout. Panama SEO is a great example of a previously unrealized idea for me up until only a few short weeks ago when I decide to square off in that arena also. Considering my relatively ‘noobie’ status in to this market (only a couple weeks), I am not doing that bad and holding a couple spots on Page 1 of Google for the term Panama SEO.

With such progress, I believe over the next couple months I will be seeking JV possibilities and potentially even investment options, in order to break in to other markets within the internet marketing sector.

My recent acquisition of one of the most lucrative and sought after domain names in the country, looks to be well on it’s way to providing me with the hoards of exposure the target market holds. For that reason I am also super excited to see what the future holds.


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