More than ever in my life I am finding myself with less and less time. The majority of my time is spent with Costa Rica marketing.

I’ve become quite reliant on my CMS (contact management system). My preferred system is Daylite from Marketcircle for Mac. It’s not like one has many alternatives when it comes to contact management solutions on Mac because well….there are no alternative solutions! Not unless of course you want to use iCal, Mail, Address Book etc.. all separately. Which might will get confusing in a short time!

I find that Daylite is the perfect companion to anyone with a Mac and an iPhone. They communicate so well together and you can always remain in touch with your office computer even while out in the field.

Even though managing your time might organize things, unfortunately it does not add more time to the day, which is something I’m in desperate need of these days.

With that being said, I’ve managed to design and launch three sites in one week. How’s that for overload?

Right now I’m getting ready to relaunch my “Costa Rica Homes For Sale” web page with a whole new direction and objective. Should be interesting so stay tuned.


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