Well the day has finally come, I am writing this blog post using dictate on my brand-new 32 gig 4G iPad.

This is my first iPad and so far I think it’s really fantastic.

I never imagined simply dictating what I want my blog post to say and without typing a single thing I can make a blog post on the go from wherever I am.

It’s easy to see that I’m sure most of my blog postings will be written from the most unusual places and I’ll be sure to take pictures with this fantastic camera on my new iPad.

I am however really anxious for the upcoming release of the jailbreak for the new iPad and iOS 5.1. It is then that I will really pimp out this new iPad and download all the apps that I require for doing marketing on the go.

I do believe however that there is one application that’s missing that would be absolutely crucial for anybody in online marketing and uses an iPad and that would be an article spinner – it is beyond me that the best spinner hasn’t made a mobile application yet.

Oh well I guess that means that it’s a great opportunity for me to have one developed.

PS: considering I’m writing this at night time I don’t think the picture would really do it justice so I’m going to have to say ex-nay on the photo eh.


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