Some of you may or may not know, that on this past Thursday, Google updated their algorithm. And like always…this one has a call sign – dubbed The Google Fresh Update, this algo change is apparently targeted at…you guessed it…fresh content.

Google claims the update will affect 35% of all searches – which is substantially higher than it’s predecessor, the Google Panda Update. The question on many people’s minds are just how this will affect SEO and whether or not the claimed 35% number is entirely accurate.

Costa Rica SEOThe truth is that Google fibs every now and then. I know…I know…hard to believe but it’s true.

The fact is, 35% seems like such a high volume of the searches but the reality is that number is likely to be even less than the Panda update was and most certainly will have less of an effect.

Like the video shows, you can already see this algo update in action by searching for broad, generic search terms like football or hockey. This is where an algo update like Google Fresh would shine. However within niche markets like local real estate and/or tourism niches…there’s not much of an impact.

Now I’m sure this will have at least some bearing overall throughout the SEO world for a vast number of niche markets, however I’m thinking it will be marginal.

Think of it this way…

People searching “football” and other sports topics – they want current and fresh updates. Clearly someone searching for “football scores” isn’t going to be too happy if scores from 2002 come up. So in this capacity the Google Fresh Update serves well.

But what about when someone WANTS their search results to show not necessarily “fresh content” but ACCURATE whether dated or not?


Take the theory of relativity for example.

This is something that has always been accurate since Albert Einstein introduced it to the world in 1916. Does it make sense to show you a blog post by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on his take on the theory of relativity based on his popularity within the social web? I mean, when you are researching quantum physics…do you head to the nearest social network like Twitter and start there?

You may laugh now but I’m telling you…whenever this celeb gossip columnist writes something, it spreads across the Net like One Night in Paris did. Do you see my point here? How can Google determine what content to present “fresh results” for compared to authority content that is proven accurate?

This would be tough on a large scale and for this reason I believe that this Google Fresh Update isn’t necessarily going to affect 35% of ALL searches. And on a side note — I believe Google has to be careful just how much trust they put in the social web and their capacity to provide accurate and relevant material.

In closing I’d like to say that although I agree with prioritizing results based on freshness…it’s just where and when to apply it that remains to be seen.

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