Right now I just so happen to be enjoying my time with a good buddy that’s here visiting for the next month. But what are friends to me…really?

In my social network I have reserved Facebook for exactly what it was originally intended as….FRIENDS. I will not accept anyone’s friendship on Facebook unless I know them personally. I can definitively say that of all 650 or so friends on Facebook…I can honestly say that I could call up any one of them and have a beer and talk about our past experiences together whether from school or just growing up. I’m actually quite grateful that I have such a massive group of friends like that.

And then of course there are those that are close friends. These are ones that are a little more than acquaintances from school or friends that have come and gone throughout your life. Maybe you haven’t spoken in a year or so but you can still connect as though no time has passed whatsoever.

Then the ‘inner circle’ of friends. These are what I call my best friends. Of these I would say I have a handful. These are the ones that would walk through fire for you and vice versa. Maybe they are the ones that have known you since childhood and have remained close for all these years. The ones that feel the closeness to be able to tell you…piss off dude you’re really makin me angry now. Then in the following moment…you’re laughin and enjoying the humor in what just happened. I’ve got friends that I can go YEARS without seeing or talking to and when we get together…its like no time has passed. Like yesterday. These are the friendships a person should cherish.

I guess the best thing for me all these years has been my honesty with my friends. I dont BS them and…for the most part…they don’t BS me. This is actually a great trait to have for moments when your trust comes in to question. You can always say, “have I ever lied to you before?”

We all know the bottom feeders of society and how manipulative they can be which ends up sometimes testing those friendships. It’s the belief in your friends that makes your intuition tell you what is likely not truthful.

Some of my friendships have been tested with family members and other friends whereas they try to convince them that I am something I’m not. Again…history always shines through proving that experiences will always Trump gossip and BS and prevail in the end. No matter who the BS comes from.

You know what they say about reserving judgement on anyone until you’ve gotten to know them yourself. I always tell people that I dont care about your issues with so and so…they’ve always been good to me or else I wait to know them myself before drawing any conclusions.

Slander is the toxin of society these days and the culprits will stop at nothing to drive their BS home. In some sense it’s almost like that knock on the door at 8am…WATCHTOWER MAGAZINES…can we come in and talk? hahaha…


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