What a week. Twitter surprisingly was only one of a long list of items I had on my agenda this past week.

Early last week I fell asleep at the helm of the SS Twitter and permitted my account to fall in to the sights of the Twitter SA. End result? SUSPENDED.

OMG…noooooooooooooooooo…most users of Twitter fear this bottomless abyss because not only is it dark and lonely but it’s also virtually impossible to recover from. No contact phone numbers. No management contacts. No nothing. Simply put…you have ONE OPTION and that is the “support ticket”.

costa rica seoI set out on a mission to get Twitter to throw me a bone. Here’s what I did.

There’s not much of a secret to what I did. It’s not like there is some secret Twitter potion to get out of the doghouse. I just kept it simple.

I begged.

Boy did I humble myself. I’d just lost my Twitter account after meticulously building up that account so that it was finally tuned, and integrated I might add, with my current direction in my professional life. And then…in a flash it was gone.

I think when megalithic corporations like Twitter hold the power and wield it at will…sometimes you have to take a big bite of humble pie and move in for the kill. The silent killer. Charm.

And if charming them doesn’t seem to be working you can always move to plan B and that would be to annoy the Hell out of them. I mean seriously annoying the bejesus out of them by constantly bombarding them like the Bay of Pigs by creating problem ticket after problem ticket. I even reached the point of reiterating late 80s movies.

Ferris Bueller?

Of course sending each update containing only one word at a time to elevate the annoyance level even further.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Twitter support staff finally answered (a real person!!!) and said they had reactivated the account and that I was free to roam the prairies of Twitterdom once again.

One thing I’ve learned from this, out of many, is that we really should reconsider where our professional lives hang knowing full well that at the blink of an eye…it could all be gone.

I had a similar issue with Google Adsense a few months ago also. And Google is suppose to be the true “soup Nazi” regime when it comes to reactivating accounts. Some have waited up to 11 months without any response or hope of reactivating their Adsense accounts.

Let me tell you…it really blows when mega-corps lash out and dig their nails in to you. Not to mention the impact this can have on you if you’re hard-wired to the social web for your profession. Remember the Matrix? Don’t unplug me…please don’t.

Next time, if ever, you should find yourself huddled up fetal position in the Twitter doghouse…consider begging and pleading and if that don’t work, give ’em the annoying you. Like I mean, “avoid the Noid” annoying. Hold back nothing. In the end I bet you’ll get your account reactivated.

Come to think of it…it just got me out of a $260 traffic fine in Dominical, Costa Rica. To be honest, this approach has worked flawlessly for me since arriving here.

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