Bad Google AdsenseI realize that I am more susceptible to this than most but I’ve just got to get it out…

Where’s all the “Sense” gone in Google AdSense?

Admittedly I am not an “Adsense expert” by any means. There are PPC specialists for that. I’m an SEO Copywriter. However herein lies the problem.

Every time I come across an Adsense ad like the one shown…I cringe.

Clearly whomever wrote the ad copy was neither a good copywriter nor a good SEO. Otherwise don’t you agree that they must know that clickable URLs in Adsense ads are NOT considered by any search engines? Especially Google themselves.

It would appear that there are many peeps out there writing Adsense ads and hoping to kill two birds with one stone per se. Give your heads a shake and earn your keep because not only is it laughable but it’s making it that much harder for those who ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, to do their jobs.

A few bullet points about Google Adsense ads to consider next time you do a campaign:[message type=”info”]

  1. Google Adsense is not a cheap way to gain backlinks from your ads on other sites.
  2. Don’t hire an SEO to write your Adsense ad-copy.
  3. Hire a copywriter to write your Adsense ad-copy.
  4. Hire a PPC specialist to design the best possible Google Adsense campaign.[/message]
Following those simple rules above, you can have a stellar Google Adsense ad that actually converts! So stop throwing a bunch of shit against the wall and waiting to see what sticks – do it the right way once instead of wasting valuable marketing dollars that can be better spent on guys like myself who can get you ranking organically in Google without the need for Adsense anymore. 😉

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