Ok so here we are…Google and Facebook, the two mega moguls of the Internet and neither one can reply to their ‘faithful’ users in response to a few major errors with their services.

First Facebook.

Facebook is great! Fantastic! You name it, Facebook is probably it. The question is, “how is the Facebook service when you need it?”

Here in lies the problem. The moment you’ve got issues with your account, FB is no where to be found. Sure there is http://www.facebook.com/help where you can read about all the “known issues” or feedback from other Facebook members and their issues, but what if you can’t login?

This is the part that drives a person crazy. You can not use your account because of this pink box error:

Account unavailable

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologise for the inconvenience.

So then in their help section they ask you to login in order to give feedback and describe your problem. Huh?

“Can I have your driver’s license please? But officer I told you I dont have one. Sorry but I cant talk to you until you show me your license. But officer I told you….”

I would also like to add that this message has been like this for almost 24 hours already and still no sign of a fix for the account.

After searching the WWW for others like this, I came across a slew of people moaning about this very same issue and on top of that, the fact that Facebook goes MIA when it comes to any kind of “official response”. Sure they acknowledge the issue by saying, “Yup, it’s true. We have this problem.” But that’s it!

I guess one can also beg to say that you get what you pay for, however is that really the case when Facebook retains all rights to the data you place on your profile. Sure it’s not “cash” per se but in my mind, that is something even more valuable than say $50/mth.

So that’s Facebook for you and now what about the Mega Corp. Google?

Google touts itself as the “most trusted news source” and yet when something goes terribly wrong in their delivery methods, they could give a rats arse.

These days many sites (like Costa Rica News) pride themselves by automating as much of the content as possible yet still complying to SEO requisites in order to “please” Google and Yahoo! In order to do this, we use what is called RSS Feeds. These feeds send out updates via email or WHY at predetermined intervals with an article title and short summary. Millions of loyal Google users rely on Google Reader and programs similar for their dose of news everyday and yet…it’s broken.

Google has had issues with RSS URLs now for sometime and their Google Groups topic on the subject has gotten out of hand with people demanding the attention of Google on the subject. Yet the silence continues.

And if you think this is just some nobody with a small Costa Rica news site complaining. Think again! This goes all the way to the top. Even mega news corporations like CNN and FOX, all use aggregators and rely heavily on affiliate news sites for tips and subject material for their own articles. Google is most commonly known for search yet as it has grown to be the number one most visited site on the web, more and more of their services have become common place as foundations for other areas of the web. Imagine if Gmail went down for a week?

So in closing I just have to wonder what these “super companies” are thinking by just ignoring their user base and rather than notifying us with updates, they simply, and quietly, work on the issue without telling anyone what to expect for a timeframe on repair. Twitter is great for doing this. Twitter gives updates via their blog, every step of the way during repair of a problem. This includes their long lasting “Twitter Over Capacity / Bloated Whale” error message.

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