Costa Rica SEONothing like making life difficult right Google? S’s-O-B’s…

These days, trying to operate within the guidelines of Google while paying close attention to Costa Rica SEO efforts, is becoming increasingly difficult. I mean seriously though…that Google Instant feature is really messing things up.

It is now virtually impossible to determine where a site is positioned for a particular keyword phrase because the bottom line is that with Google Instant, every person is going to see different results depending on a variety of criteria.

Some of the criteria are:

    Location (location from which the search is originating)
    Web History (Gmail uses have a feature built in that records your web surfing habits)
    Browser (every browser appears to show different results)
    Cache (maybe what you are seeing is not fresh? So much for instant eh?)

…then again there are those of us who try to read rankings within software yet even those are not accurate and have many variables including, and most importantly…their proxies.

Costa Rica SEO vs. Google Instant

Now I dont mind the new system from Google but it sure is doing a number on my Costa Rica SEO efforts. The worst is when you get started and you try to lay out a start point – yet you use one browser, one software, from one location – while the client is using another browser, another software and from another location. Grrrrr…..

Sometimes, believe it or not, when I want to know how a site ranks…I ask friends or business associates to check on their own systems in their own countries. I can check rankings from virtually anywhere in the world but over all I do end up getting a pretty good idea of where the ranking ACTUALLY is.

Costa Rica SEO is simply a game of cat & mouse!


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